The calm after the storm

The Placidness after the wave

The silence is killing me inside

I held you one day

The next your gone

I keep askin myself

What did I do wrong...............



It's burning me inside

It's the anger

Cuz from you I cannot hide

It's the bleeding

When I cut into my skin

Just remember I will hold you deep within (x2)

(end corus)

Now I sit here on my floor

And cut into my vein

Knowing this is the end

Remember how your drove me insane

But I'll keep you close to heart

And then rip you apart

The passion is dying within me

So sad that you can't see........

(corus 2)


it's locked inside of me


I hide it so you can't see


is locked inside of me

Why can't you see (echo x3)

(instrumental drums and guitar solo)

So I listen to you now

(end instrumental solos, fade to no sound except vocals)

As you sob your sad sad tale

But you don't listen to me now

So my anger will provail

I'll rip you apart

You know I loved you from the start

Now I hate you from the core

To put up with you was a chore

I'm tellin ya, it's the........


(come back with (corus 2))

(instrument fade)

(end) -InFeRnOsKuLL