It was a couple of months ago don't exactly know when. It started with pain but ended with pleasure. Life was getting so hard. School, friends and boys, you know.

I sit on my bed shaking in fear, everything so real and just alone. Skin tingling with the feel of cotton, but would be much better with steel. I see the key to my freedom and take it at a chance.

Entering the bathroom, with one last glance. I can smell the fresh soap and the sweet mango gel. Ready for me to cause hell.

I sit on the floor, feeling the cold winter chill. Rolling up my sleeve, heart racing, and eyes in a blur. All I can taste is the metallic disgust of my doings.

Looking at my skin, while picking up my blade. One quick slash, and all the pains gone away. A faint line appears. All I see is the crimson drop, hitting the floor with the echo of despise. All that come to mind is how many scars I'll have, after tonight.