I've committed many crimes

And they all do me harm

Because I have no excuse

I'll take the blame, you know

I'm not afraid:

I always said I was a bad person

And I know I'm right

I was vindicated

When I hurt you

And I wish I had not

Because I was nothing

And you were so much

And I'm screaming your name

And falling onto the cold, cold floor

With a twitch-stagger-twitch


And people say I'm dancing

But I think I am unwell

I am not dancing

Because you are not here

To "dance me to the end of love"

(Vettriano always typified our love)

And love, it was, because I loved you

With everything I had

And no longer have,

But love went cold

And seemed dead.

Do not judge love so rashly,

It will reappear.