Sky-walker's ode

A shroud of amethyst and cobalt falls;
At the distant dawn night sounds retreat,
You rise my beloved, a world at your feet.

You were my angel, you are my necromancer,
You'll always be the sabre of my doom,
The aridness that murders spring's bloom.

Beauty lives on beneath bleeding death,
I just wait for spring to come once more,
For I have faith in you as I ever had before.

This is a dance to the eternity in your eyes,
A hymn and a requiem for putrid radiance,
Of beauty and sinful evil a ghostly alliance.

As my heart is reduced to ashes by the winds,
The promise in my soul becomes bright,
That I'll make you turn from malice back to light.

We'll live in each other's memories forever,
So I know there will always be hope that you,
One day will rise from the mist, start anew.

Don't let the skies fall, don't let me die.
I'll have faith in you even when you falter,
I'll wait for you beyond the star border.

AN:First of all (trying not to sound pompous, but can't help it) I don't think I would ever have finished this poem if it weren't for mydarling Fae (who now has a boyfriend!!! YAY! Three cheers for Sarah!)(Sarah Parker on this site, AMAZING poetry ) who helped me loads with all sorts of rhyme problems, imagery problems, etc. And then...I really wanted this to be kinda perfect, even though she is the only one who knows what it truly means, I think. Reviews welcome ;).

Muy love,