Opaque Shadows

It's snowing out

Silver sphere shines beneath

The clouds

Opaque shadows

Blocking out the stars

My last dream

Is that it'll snow

And never stop

The moon will glow

And never fade

All I can hope for

Is something beautiful

To look at

Something to tide me over

To postpone reality

You stand there, everyday

Talking to your friends

You notice me

Ask about her

Though my mind has forgotten

My supposed love

As she forgot me


And while you talk to me

About your music

And unusual interests

With shards of your past

My mind betrays me

Cascading false hope

If I could accidentally

Hold you once

Just a hug

To say goodbye

Kiss your lips

You say are too thin

Touch your hair

That never falls right

Tell you

The body you hate

Is perfect the way it is

Finally know

The person you've written off


Hold your hand

Feel the scars

Against your pale wrists

One more secret I still keep

You've passed me

Slide your glasses off your face

So he'll know you're beautiful

And I hate him

For not knowing it

And for not telling you

Every single day

That you don't need to starve

Or make yourself bleed

And I hate you

Because I never will

It's snowing out

Something else to watch

Another pretty sight

To tide me over

All of this will pass

But give me

One last fantasy

Before I face

Layers of shame

An empty room

Where I say I've given up

I don't believe in love

Slide a rose under your door

And wait for him

To take the credit