you fall down screaming
five thousand feet
vertigo; flashing lights and sirens
going off in your head

you're like a 747, experiencing turbulence,
is this really flying?
when you were six you
scotch-taped on dead ravens' feathers
tried to soar and scraped your knee

oh no, little girl,
it's a dream gone wrong
the feathers never fitted you,
and opium won't help you fly
clouds are unreachable to
mortals like you, so stay away
from that invisible barbed-wire fence

blood rushing to your brain,
senses numb, wind-rushing sensation,
do you enjoy it?
nosediving touchdown,
oops, wrong runway

maybe you'll be reincarnated
as a fairy

-kismet. 30th november 2004.

author's note: I always wanted to fly, but no, I don't do drugs.