This borders on... moderately confusing. The lines alter between the main character's thoughts and the narrator's descriptions of her actions if that helps at all... This is my second most favorite story, and I hope that that shows. As always, please review. Say that you read it, or something. It perks us up very much.

Alone... so very alone...

What more could she think. What did she have? The room? The wonderful, fabulous, marvelous room, for which she had traded her sanity away, and now, she thought, her soul as well.

I've been alone for so very, very long.

She couldn't remember back long enough, couldn't remember the people, not anything. Everything was dead inside of her. She stared around at the heaps of things and knew them for what they truly were. Trash. All of it.

How long has it been? How long will this last.

She was surrounded by all the splendors that any prince, any king, any emperor could desire, but she was not happy. She couldn't be. The food was as ashes in her mouth. The gems dulled themselves in her sight.

I must get out. Before it's too late, before I am dead to this world.

She stood, dust falling from her scalp, from where it had been settling.

A door. There is a door. I know there is an exit. Where is it.

Moving stiffly, jerkily, she moved around, the perimeter of the Room too large for her to search unaided, psychokinetic bursts aiding her probing.

I don't remember any of this. It wasn't like this last time.

Finally, she found it. An exit. One single door, plain, made of a heavy wood, unembellished, that was what she sought for.

Freedom, freedom, freedom.

She tugged at the door. The hinges rusted, did not give way. Harder she pulled, yet harder. To escape the only thought in her mind.

It's not coming. It's not giving. I must get free!

She scrabbled at the door with fingernails, bloodying them. Not noticing the pain, not caring.

Let me out! Let me OUT!

A flash. It opened, showing the noonday sun. She stared. This was it, what her skin had been longing for, her eyes, all her senses. Drunk, almost. She fell through the door.

And... that's it! Hope you enjoyed. There's a kind of continuation that I'll be posting that isn't anything at all like this, but uses the same character, kind of... So read it! Once I post it! And decide on which version I should use...