I can't remember if there was a time,

I had once forgotten you,

allways an option on my list,

a list that held so few

names to keep on my mind,

you were allways making sure that I knew yours...

My friends, they had a name for you,

crazy chic who allways knew,

where I was and where I'd been,

you were the crazy chic who knew no sin.

You allways liked your past hidden,

allways found a way to know mine,

and since the start my friends had forbidden,

they insisted it was a waiste of time.

My friends, they have a name for you,

the crazy girl who allways knew

where I was and where I'd been,

you were just a girl who knew no sin.

So close your eyes, look into mine,

if we concentrate we can freeze time,

lovely flowers and pebble's cries,

as you dance across the sanity line.