check her out,
red miniskirt,
fishnet stockings,
an ozone layer of makeup,
to protect, cover, disguise what?

she needs clients,
she needs money,
she's only sixteen,
but she works the streets.
and she doesn't feel anything,
doesn't feel when they touch her any more.
it's her job, her life,
is it what she wants?

can't even read the name of the hotels
they bring her to each day;
gives herself an English name;
knows how to massage and cook Thai curry;
(she writes that on her advertisement)
does she know how to love?

she feels filthy and unwanted,
but what can she do?
approaching rich Caucasians, begging them,
she's below the status of a woman,
what did she ever do wrong?

-kismet. 30th november 2004.
author's note: in my country, they're cracking down on the sudden number of hookers appearing on the street. this goes out to them.