social butterfly

she took a sip of her martini,
swirled it round and round
to make a miniature Charybdis,
swallowing hapless sailors
the way she devours men.

flitting from suitor to suitor,
yet never wearing that restraining ring (for long).
carrying different credit cards,
never paying for her wild shopping sprees.

she owns half of Tiffany's,
Armani's entire summer wardrobe,
drinks tequila, Chardonnay and Singapore Sling,
drowning in an ocean of broken glass and vows.

she's not really materialistic,
likes her life but there's something missing.
she fears marriage but not love,
and she's so lonely,
that beautiful social butterfly.

-kismet. 30th november 2004.

author's note: ever watched breakfast at Tiffany's? I thought Audrey Hepburn was great.