"Sonorous Words And Elegant Gestures"


Fuck what happened,

That steamy night,

In Brooklyn,

Where the crook and,

The joker went on a burning rampage through the light.

And fuck what happened,

When Grandad was wrong,

When he thought you were mad,

And you were glad he,

Just went about his way after you convinced him he was gone.

And fuck what went down,

The one time with the girl,

Who really thought she was superb,

From the suburbs of the urban community,

Never even realizing the whole time when she let loose she let go of her world.

Fuck what happened,

Between the Blacks and the Reds,

Trying to fight over who's wrong or who's right,

Just let it go, we said,

And they finally let go with only three shotgun blasts to our heads.

And fuck what happens,

When I pick up this pen,

Trying to make some kind of amends,

With all the people who do or don't care,

I never cared anyway, I only do this for the kicks and the licks and what happens when...

I let go,

And flow like this ink,

Right out of the ball-point tip,

Or the flesh-rolled lips,

Letting it roll out like the love I have for my sweetheart...

If she only knew,

Then maybe I would know what to do,

Or maybe I could figure out where to end,

Right after I figure out when and where to begin.

Fuck what happened with my sonorous words,

And fuck what happened with her elegant gestures,


Fuck what happened.