The door has been open,
The floodgates all unleashed,
An opened Pandora's Box,
We're ilequiped to face.

No matter how you face it,
Innocence has faded,
And we are all so jaded,
Upon the dusty faded world.

The sword of justice has been broken,
The shield of faith is lost,
We have nothing left to cling to,
To face this coming night.

Freedoms have been heralded,
Because we are afraid to face the facts,
We hide in the shadows,
For we cannot face the light.

We hide upon the stars,
In the shadows of the moon,
So I beg thee to heed this warning,
Before I fade away.

But if this falls upon deaf ears,
If blind eyes read this foresight,
I fear for all your futures,
For it may send you to your grave.