And you still don't hear me....

You've asked me here and I don't know why,

I look up into the dark night sky.

You speak utter nonsense,

And I just can't take this.

Without thinking, I pull out my knife,

And now I'm going to take your life.

I slit your throat,

And I hear your choke.

What have I done?

I don't know but I think I should run.

But I can't leave you here,

Now my eyes start to tear.

I will do what I must,

You came here with trust.

I can't stand this,

So I slit my wrists.

The blade rips my skin,

My time now wears thin.

I hear you mutter "What did I do to you?"

"You didn't love" I whisper, if only you knew.

You are finally gone, and I feel something warm,

I am laying in your blood, its touching my arm.

I have tears in my eyes,

And I forget all your lies.

Its time for me to go,

So I slip away to the unknown.