Seeing Is Believing

Chapter 1: What If I Don't?

"I'll take it!" Casper yelped as she ran her fingers over the molding of the door. "This is only the first house we've looked at. Are you sure?" The realtor asked nervously. "I'm sure. Where're the papers?" Casper smiled as she pulled a pen out of her purse. "I have them here, but this house is so… expensive." "Mr. Trent you know I have the money to buy this, what is really on your mind." Casper smirked as she shifted her weight to the other hip. "This place is," he leaned in to whisper. "haunted." Casper burst out laughing at the word. "You really believe in that crap?" She cracked between gasps. "Of course I do. I've seen it. Objects move by themselves, doors close, and images appear at random. The last people that lived here were hanged in the back yard. That was in 1863." He assured her. "Well, I'm gonna take my chances." Casper said with a smile. "Alright." He shrugged. "Your choice." He murmured as he handed her the papers.

Casper was moved in by the next week. She sat on the couch alone when she called for her pet. "Sabbath!" She yelled. Soon she heard padded feet galloping down the hallway. Her one-year-old lion ran to its master without hesitation. Sabbath sat in front of Casper and looked up at her with those big green eyes. "Your mane is coming in good Sabbath." She smiled as she stroked the streak of long fur that ran from his forehead to his mid-back. The large cat purred like a kitten and hopped onto her lap. "Ugh!" Casper huffed as the beast knocked the wind out of her. "Getting a bit big to be doing that Sabbath." She smiled as she continued to read her magazine. She thumbed through the pages as Sabbath licked her thigh. Casper flipped another page and then the magazine flew out of her hand across the room and landed on the floor. "Woah." Casper gasped as she held the lion. "Weird." She shrugged it off.

Casper walked to the spiral staircase with Sabbath behind her. "Time for bed." Casper hurried up the stairs to her bedroom. She pushed the door open and flipped on the light. Sabbath jumped on the bed and flopped onto a pillow. "That's my side." Casper insisted. The lion rolled over onto the other side of the red comforter. "Good boy." She laughed as she tugged off her shirt, revealing a small tattoo on her shoulder blade. The tattoo was a small black illustration of Sabbath as a cub with his name under it. Casper slipped into her nightshirt and went into the bathroom to brush her teeth. She returned to the bed and slid under the covers. "Goodnight Sabbath." She whispered as she closed her eyes.

Casper awoke to the slamming of a door. "Sabbath! What are you doing?" She yelled as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes. Then she realized Sabbath was lying next to her. "Someone's in the house." She whispered to herself. Casper grabbed the handgun from her dresser drawer. She ran out of the room and Sabbath was close behind. "I'm armed!" She yelled into the darkness. "Take what you have and get the hell out!" She warned as she tiptoed to the staircase. She heard not a sound. "I know you're here! Stop being a coward and show yourself!" Casper yelped as she cocked the pistol. She walked down the stairs and slid towards the front door. She turned the handle. It was locked. "How did they get in?" Casper asked herself. "I would have heard if they broke a window." Casper flipped on the front light.

"Hello?" She called. "You're not scaring me." As she said that an unusual cold came over her. Casper shivered and checked the thermostat. "Seventy-five degrees, what is going on?" Casper thought to herself. She heard footsteps behind her as she turned around. She saw wet footprints on the ground that looked like they were coming her way. The last set stopped right in front of her. Casper exhaled to see her breath come out like a cloud. "Who are you?!" She called as she turned to the front door. The hand that held the gun shook uncontrollably. The door flew open and slammed shut again. Casper walked over to the door and grabbed the door handle. It was frozen to the touch. Yet it was still locked. "Come on Sabbath." She spoke quietly. "Let's go to my bedroom." She crept back to her room with Sabbath at her side. She closed the door and locked it behind her. "First thing in the morning we call someone. Anyone, but someone." Casper assured Sabbath as she tucked under the covers. She sat awake the rest of the night.

Chapter 2:Nice To Meet You Rusty

Casper leaped out of bed as soon as sunlight came through her window. She hurried downstairs and whipped out the phonebook. "Sabbath! Get down here!" She called: she really didn't want to be alone at the moment. First she flipped to the G section. "Ghosts, ghosts, come on." She read as she scanned the page. "Nothing… why do I even think it's ghosts. It's not. No such thing. Snap out of it Casper, you're hallucinating." She flipped through to H. "Hauntings… There!" She yelled as she found one article. "Rusty Kruger… ghost physiatrist." She read aloud. "I found one Sabbath!" She smiled with excitement. "Though he sounds like a loser, let's give it a shot." Casper picked up the phone and dialed the number. She waited impatiently as it rang. "Hello?" The voice on the other end asked. "Is this Rusty Kruger?" Casper asked as she twirled the cord around her finger. "That would be me." He answered. "Hi, I'm Ms. Isaac, I'm calling about a haunting." She rolled her eyes at herself as she uttered the word. "What's the address and when are you free?" He asked quickly. "1844 Timberline Drive. I'm free today… or now or tomorrow or anytime just hurry." Casper yelled. "OK, OK. I'll be there at nine o' clock." He assured her. "See you then. Thank you." She said as she hung up the phone.

Casper ran to the shower after she drank a quick cup of coffee. She reached her bedroom and came to the door of the bathroom. Water was leaking from under the door. "What?" she asked herself. She hurried for the doorknob. Again it was cold to the touch. She swung open the door to see a woman in the shower. "Who are you?!" Casper yelled, as she stood rooted to the spot. The woman looked at her and vanished into thin air. Casper felt herself get heavy almost fainting, but she caught herself on the doorframe. She undressed and sat in the bathtub with her knees to her chest as the water filled in around her. She was breathing hard when the water became warmer, then hot… "Ahhh!" She yelled as the water scolded her. Casper hopped out of the tub and wrapped the towel around her. She stared at the water as it whirred down the drain.

Casper hurried to dress as she slipped on her jeans and button up shirt. She looked at her exposed knee in the rip of her pants and continued to fasten her watch and wristband. Sabbath sat close in front of her and rested his head on her lap. "Are you scared too?" She asked as she scratched his head. She tied up her hair and inspected her face. The doorbell rang as she got up to retrieve her boots. "Hold on!" She yelled as she hopped with her shoe half on. "Coming!" She tumbled as the doorbell rang again. She hurried to tuck her pants over her boots as she struggled down the stairs. She grabbed the doorknob, unlocked the door and swung it open. "Hello." She panted. She looked at the man who stood with a large gun of some sort and dark sunglasses covering his eyes. He was a few inches taller than she was and a mustache a goatee adorned his chiseled face. His short brown hair stood lightly on his head as the wind blew slightly. "Hi." He smiled quickly flashing a gold tooth. "So you really are like one of those Ghostbusters?" She asked as she gazed at the weapon in his right hand. "Oh this?" He grinned. Casper nodded. "This is just for effect." He laughed as he tossed it over his shoulder and it hit the side of his pick-up. "That's gonna leave a mark." He cringed.

"So what's your first name Ms. Isaac?" He smiled as they stepped inside. "Casper." She smiled quickly. "And your brothers are, let me guess Fatso, Stretch, and Stinky?" Rusty chuckled loudly. "Look I'm not gonna pay you to fart around and make crap jokes." Casper snapped. "Sorry." He grinned as he held up his hands. "Come in." Casper murmured as she held the door open.

Rusty gazed around at the large house. "Big place. You live here alone?" he asked as he scanned her quickly. Wavy brown hair tied up in a ponytail, dark brown eyes filled with doubt, she seemed to be hiding something under her jeans and shirt. "Not exactly." She smirked. "Sabbath!" She called. "Oh, you have a dog." He nodded. "Sort of." She giggled. "Big dog." Rusty told himself as he listened to the heavy footsteps that hurried down the stairs. Rusty watched as a large adolescent lion pranced over to Casper and growled unknowingly at him.

"Do you have a permit for that?" Rusty asked wide-eyed. "Quite a few." Casper smiled as she kneeled in front of Sabbath and stroked his neck. "Friend." Casper instructed as she pointed to Rusty. The animal turned and ran at him. "Be calm, he won't hurt you." Casper told Rusty as he shook in his boots. Sabbath jumped up so his paws rested on Rusty's shoulders. "What is he gonna do?" He asked worriedly as he tried not to sniff in the animal's breath. "You're fine. I could have said enemy." She laughed at his face as the lion hopped down and sat by her feet. "What would have happened if you said that?" "You don't wanna know." She assured him.

"So what seems to be the problem?" Rusty asked as they sat at the kitchen table sipping coffee. "God I feel like an idiot talking about this. I don't even believe in ghosts." She shook her head at the thought. "Well for a name like Casper I'm surprised." Rusty laughed quietly. Casper rolled her eyes and went to take something from her pocket. "Sorry, I won't say anything else." He promised. "Do you mind if I smoke?" Casper asked as she pulled out a pack of cigarettes. "Go ahead, I will too." He flicked out a lighter and a hand rolled smoke. Casper lit hers and took a long drag. "Well the first thing that happened was my magazine flew from my hand and then in the middle of the night the doors were slamming open and shut. Then the doorknob was cold and I could see my breath. Today I saw a woman in the shower and the water got really hot. So far that's all." She explained. "Well we have paranormal activity that's for sure. It ties to the cold doorknob and the condensation. As for the slamming doors and flying magazines that's somewhat hostile." Rusty scratched his chin and took a quick drag of his cigarette.

Casper tapped her coffee mug as she felt Sabbath coming up from behind her. "Where did you see the woman? Upstairs?" "Yeah, she was in the bathroom and I could only see her outline, but she was there." She assured him. "Well, let's go upstairs, it sounds like a lot of the spirit activity is up there. Come on." Rusty insisted as he put out his cigarette. "Now? Don't you need supplies and more evidence?" Casper stalled, taking a final puff. "No, we can go now, remember I'm a physiatrist not a Ghostbuster." Rusty smiled. "Fine." Casper nodded and paced after him. Sabbath staying close behind.

Rusty rushed up the stairs. "Which bathroom was it?" he asked, glancing over his shoulder. "I'll show you." Casper assured him as she led the way. "This is my bedroom the bathroom is in here." She explained opening the door. Rusty stuck his head in and checked around. "Woah!" he yelped as he saw the bed. "What?! What is it?" Casper asked nervously. "There's an imprint on the bed. Here look." He said as he stepped out of the way. Sure enough an imprint of the perfect human form lay in the middle of her bed. "So it's here now?" Casper hissed as she hurried for another cigarette. "Shhh." Rusty instructed as he crept in. "Who are you?" He said loudly. Casper finally managed to get a light with her shaking hands. Before she could light her smoke the fire blew out. "Damn it!" She yelled in fright and frustration. The form on the bed vanished with her shout. "Great!" Rusty yelled as he threw up his hands. "See what you did? You didn't need a smoke you just had one." "Sorry I smoke when I get nervous." She admitted as she shrunk back. "I'm sorry, just do-." Rusty stopped at the sight of his breath. "What? What's wrong?" Casper murmured as Sabbath roamed closer to her. "It's still here." Rusty whispered.