burning hands and false embraces which I wish were genuine

and a love letter you'll never write to me stuck in an imaginary

mail box somewhere on the edge of nowhere

a smile you casually toss my way and catch my laughter in your palm

my gaze is fastened to yours' for all eternity

well, it would be if I wasn't so afraid

please take my hand and hold my eyes forever with your grin

i'm falling, if you catch me I will forgive,

i will Forget every word you've ever said that stung

and let reality fade away while I drown in your arms

don't leave me now, 'cause I can't go on without you

we've come so far don't turn your back on me

losing ground, my feet sinking into a bottomless ending

where there is no happy ever after, only the euphoria that I could have had

but you wouldn't give

read this last message in a bottle sent your way

on rolling waves, so completely peaceful

and try to understand how much I love you