"How's the head Mack?" Wyatt asked for the fourth time that week.

"I keep telling you that it's fine." Mack replied with slight annoyance in his voice, trying to finish scribbling something down in his small red book. Ever since the night they had saved Thomas Jefferson and Wyatt had gone after Jade they hadn't been called out for any missions. Not that Emma or Mack were in any condition to go out gallivanting around in the past, Emma's arm wasn't exactly fully functional and Mack still received dizzy spells whenever he moved too fast.

"I just worry, that's all." Wyatt reassured him. He had been terrified to learn that both Mack and Emma had been injured during their fray with Cosette but when he learned Cosette had been killed and their mission a success he was more proud than worried. "I'm not trying to vex you or anything."

Wyatt had told them that Jade had gotten away from him during the chase. He wasn't sure why at first he had kissed Jade, it was true she was attractive and she more than likely was trying to seduce Wyatt the entire time but she was also an enemy. Finally he understood the reason for it, Jade had been the reason for his happiness. Her faction had been the cause of his induction into the organization and was directly responsible for whether he kept working with Mack and Emma or not. With Jade gone so were his friends, they would probably go back to their own times. So selfishly he left Jade go, but secretly he knew he would do it again if given the chance.

"Wyatt, is that you?" Emma's voice called from the entrance of their headquarters' large parlor. It wasn't as sunny as the one in Boston but it was just as nice and a whole lot roomier.

"Yes Nell, it's me!" Wyatt shouted back over to her.

"Stop bothering Mack!" She yelled. "Oh, and can you open up my pudding cup for me? I can't do anything with this stupid cast!"

"Yeah, sure! Bring it over!" Wyatt called back to her. She walked over to him and placed the plastic cup in his hand with a sigh. "And you're lucky the doctors were able to set the bones in your arm so don't complain Nell." He said as he handed the cup of pudding back to her.

She began to spoon the tapioca into her mouth and stuck out her tongue at her partner like a child. "Don't start lecturing me. You're not the one who killed Cosette." She grinned to herself and sat down on the couch.

"And act we all thank you for, especially head trauma Harry over here." Wyatt joked and sat down next to Emma.

"Not funny." Mack said and Wyatt felt the corner of a book hit the back of his own head.

"Ow! Hey!" Cried Wyatt as he rubbed the back of his cranium and turned to give a look at Mack.

"How's the head Wyatt?"

"Oh shut up."

The End