Biting her lip in agony, she lifted one of the glass shards to the light. Trying to see through it. Hoping to understand where it belonged. The glass caught the light and held it in a shimmer almost too bright to look at. She glanced around the room, all of the scattered and shattered bits on the floor thrown uncaringly around. Her memories sparkled in the sunlight streaming through the single window. Despairing of completing the puzzle, she glanced out of the window. The sky shone a bright blue, almost too true to be believed. That was where she should be, instead of in this room trying to piece together what remained of her memories.

The shards cut into her hands, causing her to bleed onto the broken bits. She cried in silence, unable to remember anything. Only one task would be hers until she completed it, her memory. So many things were unknown to her. Why was she here? What had happened to cause this glass to break? Why was she connected to it? Where was here? No answers to any of the questions, not even the most important; who was she?

Only questions, simply questions, nothing more, nothing less, and always so troublesome. Why should she even care? And yet, her fingers continued to bleed on the glass as she tried and tried to arrange it into the form it once had. It was really a shame that she couldn't remember the way it was supposed to be. The colored glass didn't seem to want to take shape. Silent tears coursed down her cheeks and their saltiness caused her cuts to sting. Still she tried to puzzle it out.

The observer in the doorway watched the poor girl struggle. Making no noise, he listened to her chocked back sobs and the quiet clinking of the glass she struggled to piece together. She would never know that the reason the puzzle wasn't coming together was that he had stolen the most important piece. He couldn't allow her to solve it though, she was much more valuable the way she was... broken. Regret tinged his thoughts for a moment, he wished it could have turned out differently she had been such a beautiful and delicate thing, so easy to persuade with the innocence of a child, but no more. She was now this pitiful creature trying desperately to solve a puzzle that was over her head. It was so very sad for her, but sacrifices must be made for the greater good and sacrifice he would for the safety of others.

Hunching his shoulders, he left as quietly as he came. He replaced the illusion on the door, not like she would notice the exit. However, one could not always trust that everything expected would happen or not happen as the case may be. So she would remain hidden from prying eyes and await the day until fortune smiled upon them both. For only when the prophesy occurred would he allow her the all-important piece. Once her purpose had been served, she could leave. Until then, she was doomed to cry alone in a room with one window and shattered memories.