A saddened soul

A lonely heart

Are you leaving me?

What have I done to lose you?

The metal burns my skin

Again the blood seeps to the surface

I can't think of a life without you

I try to understand

I try to comprehend

But it's hard to

With tears streaking down your face

I crawl back to my corner

Wondering why I always put myself on the line

I thought you were the one

But again my heart is ravaged into depression

All I wish is for you to say

That it will all be ok

That were still togeather

Ahhhh....I wish life was like that

Everything correcting itslef

But alas life is NOT like that

So I crawl into my bed and dream of you leaving me

And if you look closely you can see the tears form on my face

I sit and wonder why

But I hear no answer.