Two Worlds

Stuck here between two worlds

Two choices

Both laid out before me

But I hesitate to choose

I think to myself "what do I have to lose?"

"Too much" is the answer

The scars on my heart seep blood

The rage inside me builds

Why couldn't I have been someone else

But once again I am silenced by you

You calmed my acheing nerves

You silenced my screaming heart

But sadly, only for the moment

For you don't call anymore

I tried to call you

But what do you do?

You throw my life into havoc

Streatching me beyond my bounds

You put the choice before me

Tho the answer is plain and smiple

The consiquences are great

The burden on my shoulders increases

My tendons snap

You got your wish

Now I'm in a crumpled heap on the ground

Unwilling to get up

Stuck in this place for eternity

Just waiting for the one girl that can save me....

Are you her?

Oh the worlds