The One I Cannot See

A/N: This is the first poem I have practically written, I was inspired when I finally realized that it could be awhile before I see the one I wish to. There is a lot of symbolism towards love and family, if you can't pick that up. (It's a little difficult.) Please, any help with poem making would be great! Corrected the grammar mistake.

There is one in my life

Whom I want to know

But find myself away

From all she knows

We live our lives


So far apart

May we never see the sunset together?

Love is so strong

Yet it tears us apart

Am I condemned to live without

The one I cannot see?

The only one who matters

To me?

The feelings that bring us so close

Are the ones who keep us bound

I wish that I did not have to choose

Between blood and love

To the one I cannot see

I shall be with you forever and always

And soon