Caitlin sat on a wooden bench in the center of a park. For a moment, the Leonardoesqe sunset reflected in a placid lake's face. She smiled, taking in the beauty of the scene, the crisp coolness of the air, the gentle breeze that played with her long, flowing auburn hair. She then took off her glasses and rubbed the lenses with the sleeve of her dark blue turtleneck to clean off some accumulated dust. She saw the image of her soft, green eyes reflected against the bold reds and oranges of the great sunset like two small tropical islands lost in a sea of inferno.

She put her glasses back on and continued to write poems in her small, green notebook. The section she was writing in she had dedicated to various haikus that she thought up during the day.

"Figure of Adonis, Purest of souls, and so wise, my dear Adrian."

Caitlin sighed as she read, and reread the poem to herself. It was dedicated to her boyfriend, Adrian, with whom she had been going steady for three full years. It was their third anniversary. She tried to get back to her writing, but her excitement overcame her focus. She couldn't wait to see him. It had been a full two months since they were together. They had only seen each other on a shaky basis since he joined the Marines, She really didn't want him to be in the Marines, but he was dead set on it. She lay back on the bench and started thinking about him, his sultry voice, and his adorably messy hair… As she thought about it, she felt a rush of warmth and comfort wash over her as she slowly closed her eyes.

Suddenly, she felt the soft pressing of a man's warm lips upon her own, and a man's hand caress her cheek. She put her hand upon his head and pulled him slightly closer to herself. Then he gently broke the kiss and she opened her eyes once more, but not before saying,

"Hello Adrian." Caitlin giggled, sitting up so he could sit down. She saw a handsome, well defined face, adorned with a perfectly sized nose and deep, opaque blue eyes that looked more like small, distant reflecting pools. His black hair tumbled over his forehead and stopped just before his thin eyebrows. Although, today, it looked like he tried a bit harder to keep it in order than usual. He rubbed his head and pulled something out o his hair, a broken comb tooth. Caitlin laughed as he tossed it over his shoulder, and her heart melted when she saw his delicate smile.

"You knew it was me? Have my kisses become that recognizable?" Adrian laughed, sitting down on the bench and ushering Caitlin's head onto his chest.

"You always touch my right cheek and then kiss me for exactly fifteen seconds." Caitlin said matter-of-factly.

"Aah, but this time I touched your left cheek and kissed you for a full thirty seconds." Adrian said triumphantly. But Caitlin just sighed and shook her head.

"But, my love, what you gained in spontaneity, you lost in promptness." Caitlin brandished the small watch on her wrist, which read 6:00. Adrian took her hand, kissed it and cupped it in his own. He smiled and stroked her head with his free hand.

"You know me all too well Caitlin." Adrian sighed. She giggled and curled up next to him, gazing up into his beautifully hazy eyes. She felt so right and centered when she was near him. She really, truly loved him, as she knew he loved her. She wrapped her arms around him and felt his emanating warmth against the brisk, cool, autumn air.

Adrian looked back down at the girl resting against him, her soft, green eyes now closed. He continued to gently stroke her head as he sighed gently, appraising his great fortune.

He checked to see if his present was within it, and to his relief, it was.

"Hey, let's go back to my place. I have to make our anniversary dinner." Caitlin sighed happily, her eyes still closed. Adrian nodded and wrapped his remaining arm around her, and got up, cradling her in his arms.

"You don't honestly expect to carry me the whole way, do you?" Caitlin asked , giggling.

"Of course. I don't want you to wear your perfect feet on this unworthy earthen ground." Adrian said, a certain air of playful seriousness reverberating in his voice. They both laughed heartily at his joke, not because it was funny, but because they both knew that to an extent, he was being very serious. By the time they arrived at her apartment,