The Lost Children

A/N: This is a little like Peter Pan but it is a completely different story. It centers on the beliefs of the children in the story and how they fight for survival. The children's names all have a certain meaning which will determine their abilities. This story is what I dreamt one night; I just changed it around to make it more readable. If I use any songs than they will be from Rebecca St. James


Where am I?

What am I doing here?

Could this be a dream?

Seika sits under a tree asking her self questions. She believes she has landed in an alternate universe, but she has her doubts. She remembers a war back home between pirates and the villagers. Her mother and father have been killed; she assumes her baby brother is gone too. She gets up to walk away from the tree and notices two eyes staring at her. "Hello, who are you?" she asks. The person darts away so fast that he seemed to disappear into thin air. Seika decides to give chase; besides it could be the only human for a few more miles. She chases the boy out to a clearing and he suddenly jumps up and floats in the sky. He was watching Seika's every move. "I just want to know where I am!" she yells at the boy. It suddenly hits her that the boy is floating in mid air; he was not human. She gets ready to run away when the boy suddenly lands and grabs her hand.

"Don't be afraid" he says. "I won't hurt you" he says with an innocent smile.

"How did you fly . . . that's impossible?" Seika said in fear.

"Nothing is impossible if you believe; do you believe?" the boy asked.

Seika looked at the boy and thought to herself. I do believe. Suddenly dragon wings appeared on the boys back. "Where did those come from?" she asked.

"They were there the whole time, you just had to believe in them to see them" he replied. "My name is Hiryuu, I'm lost here too" he said.

"How did you know I was lost?" Seika asked.

"It wasn't hard to tell, especially with that confused look on your face" Hiryuu laughed. "I'll take you back to my place; you can meet the other children there."

"I'm Seika and you mean there are other children here?" she asked.

"Yeah, other children, wild animals, and pirates. . ." Hiryuu trailed off.

"Oh, Pirates, just my luck" Seika said.

"They took you from your home too?" Hiryuu asked as they walked.


They reached a tree with a hole at its base and Hiryuu started to climb down the hole as Seika suddenly jumped back "I'm not going down that!"

"Fine, stay out there" he said sliding down the hole. Seika stood for a few minutes and then jumped down the hole after hearing a strange noise.

"Glad to see you could join us" said a girl sitting on a comfy looking chair. Seika looked around. The hole looked like a mansion, it was nicely decorated and smelled good, like a good home cooked meal. Come to think of it, when was the last time I ate? Seika asked herself.

"So, I'm Moriko, I already know your name" the teen on the chair said. She has dark brown hair that flipped out at the ends and forest green eyes. Her tan skin almost matched the light tan leather on the chair she sat on. Hiryuu has white hair that sticks straight up and he is now wearing a red sleeveless shirt and black pants that have tears and blood stains. Seiko looks at the blood stains and remembers the blood spilled back home because of the war.

"I'll go change if you're squeamish" Hiryuu says.

"No, it's okay, I was just reminded of something" Seiko replied.

"We've all been reminded" said a boy walking in. "I'm Makura" he said walking into a section of the room and pulling out a pizza from an oven. Seika was in a dining room and the kitchen was not far.

"Does anyone know why I am here?" Seika asked.

"That's a question for your mother" Makura spat.

"Mackey, don't be so rude" Moriko said walking over to Makura.

"Yeah, Mackey!" said Hiryuu, making fun of what Moriko called Makura.

"I hope you aren't hungry cause your pizza's going to be poisoned" Makura said.

"Not happening!" yelled Hiryuu. Makura and Hiryuu dashed at each other and began swinging punches. A young girl wearing a black leather corset around a light pink shirt ran out and tried to break up the fight.

"You're going to wake Touki, please stop fighting!" the little girl said. The two boys immediately stopped fighting at the sound of the name Touki.

"I think it's safe" Moriko said after a while of waiting in silence.

"Why did we have to stay quiet?" Seika asked.

"Well, once Touki starts fighting, there is no stopping him" Hiryuu said.

"Hiryuu, who is this girl?" the little girl asked.

"I'm Seika" Seika replied.

"I'm Anya" the little girl said. "Do you believe?"

"Believe in what?" Seika asked.

"Do you believe in Hiryuu's wings, my cat ears, Moriko and Makura's powers, and Touki's fighting spirit?" Anya said. Seika closes her eyes and when she opens them back up Anya has cat ears and a cat tail.

"How cute!" Seika said grabbing Anya's ears.

"Ow, ow, ow" Anya said with a smile. "I'm glad to see you believe!"

"What's going on?" asked a boy as he walked in. "Who's this?"

"I'm Seika" she said letting go of Anya's ears.

"I'm Touki" he said politely.

He doesn't seem so mean; he doesn't seem like the fighting type. Seika thought looking at Touki's light build. Touki and Seika stood in silence, watching each other.

"Well, there is pizza, anyone hungry?" Moriko said, breaking the silence.

"Yeah, let's eat!" Touki said with a smile.

Moriko and Makura sat next to each other, Anya and Hiryuu together too. Seika decided to sit next to Touki, seeing as he was the only one left to sit next to. As everyone talked to each other Seika learned more about the world she had landed in. Touki invited Seika back to his room for a new set of clothes, strangely enough Seika's nightgown was covered in blood and she didn't have a scar on her body.

"When we all met each other our clothes were covered in blood too. We didn't have scars and we couldn't remember a thing of our past. We're going to help you and ourselves by finding out why we are here." Touki said handing Seika a blue dress.

"How come you have a blue dress?" Seika asked with a smile.

"Moriko makes our clothes and she made that for herself but never wore it, it should fit you" he replied with a laugh. "So you got any specialties?" he asked.

"Singing, I guess" Seika replied.

"You don't say, I love music, and none of us can sing well" he laughed again.

"I've never heard him laugh so much" Hiryuu said listening to Seika and Touki.

"Yeah, he really seems to like her" Moriko replied.

"I wonder if they'll be friends!" Anya said.

"Or more than that" Makura laughed.

"No way, Touki is incapable of love. If they have a fight he'll kill her off" Hiryuu spat.

"He's right you know" Moriko said. Touki and Seika open the door to see the four of them fall on their faces.

"Spying on us?" Touki growled.

"We're sorry . . . Touki!" Makura yelled as Touki picked him up by his shirt's collar.

"Touki stop!" Moriko cried as Touki threw Makura into a wall and continued to punch him.

Seika use your voice

"Who said that?" Seika asked. Deep down inside, that voice, told her what to do.

"If you see a change in me,

If you see a change in me don't wonder

There's someone in my life

And a peace I can't describe

For I have been reborn"

Touki let go of Makura and fell back. Seika caught him before he hit the ground and whispered "I'm sorry."

Hours later Touki woke up from after he passed out. "Must have had a good dream" he said stretching out his arms. After a few good yawns Touki walked out into the living room to see Seika asleep on the couch. They didn't give her a bed? He thought to himself. He picked Seika up and took her back to his bed. When he went back to the living room he looked at the clock. It read 4:00 a.m.