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A woman is clutching her two children and her husband is protecting her with a baseball bat. Pirates are invading the homeland and this family is one of the first to be attacked. The woman is holding her 15 year old daughter and infant son. Her husband is thrown back by a bullet and is killed. "Father!" yells the teen from under her mother's weight. The baby is crying and the mother has fallen forward from an attack. The young girl is grabbed by her hair and a pirate holds a gun to her head.

"Spare my brother" she cries as everything goes dark.

Seika awakes with a cold sweat and runs into the kitchen for a glass of water. Touki is asleep on the couch. Everyone else is asleep in their rooms.

Two teens are running hand in hand from pirates. The girl trips and the boy runs back for her. They stand up but are surrounded by their attackers. The boy stands in front of the girl to protect her but they are shot by pirates counting down to five. "Killing to birds at the same time, love birds at that" says a pirate as everything around the teens goes dark.

Makura and Moriko wake up in fear they snuggle close to each other for comfort. "Bad dream?" Makura asks his girl friend.

"Every night it's the same thing" Moriko replies.

"It will only be minutes until everyone is awake" Makura states.

A boy is waiting silently as his plane flies. An announcement is made "Please stay calm, we are experiencing technical difficulties." Suddenly a group of pirates jump the plane with their own aircraft. When they hijack the plane the boy does his best to stay calm but he knows what is going to happen. A loud roaring is heard as the pirates jump from the plane and onto another small aircraft. With that the plane crashed with the boy and all passengers still in their seats.

Hiryuu wakes up with a slight scream and looks around in fear. "Another dream, no. . . Another nightmare" he says as he lies back down with his eyes wide open.

A girl is hiding in her closet, holding her pet cat close to her. "Hello" says a voice from the other side of the closet. The girl clutches her cat as the pirates break down the door. They try to take the cat from her but she kicks him in the shin. She begins to run to the door but is grabbed by another pirate and shot.

Anya wakes up and clutches her stuffed animals in fear. "I want Seika to sing me to sleep" she whispers.

A young man is holding back the pirates with a metal pole. He is protecting his family from these invaders. One pirate shoots but he deflects the bullet with the extremely thick pole. He runs up and smashes the pirate, killing him. The young man is then shot in the back by another pirate. "Only . . . punks shoot . . . from behind" he says before everything goes dark.

Touki jumps up to see Seika crying on the loveseat across from him. He is slightly scared but he is more worried about Seika's condition. "Seika, are you alright?" he asks quietly.

"I had a nightmare" she cries softly. Touki was wondering how he was going to tell her that it was more than a nightmare. Makura, Moriko, Hiryuu, and Anya all walked out into the living room. They all looked slightly stressed and nervous.

"That's it, I'm sick of these nightmares, we are going to see the elders in the morning" says Hiryuu.

"I can't get back to sleep, so does anyone want to gather a food supplies for today?" Moriko asks.

"We'll all go with you" says Makura. "Besides, none of us should be alone at this point."

"Right, so, let's go!" Anya says becoming happy once again.

When the group had finally reached their destination Seika looked around. It was still dark out but Seika could make out the area with help from some fireflies. They were surrounded by a dark forest and a small stream cut through the middle of the meadow. Anya was playing with the fireflies, hitting them with her "cat paw" gloves. One firefly hit Seika in the face and that is when she noticed that they were actually faeries holding lanterns. "How cute" Seika says as a fire fairy dances on her palm. She suddenly feels something rub up against her leg. It was a small black cat with ice blue eyes, Anya was so thrilled.

"My own kind!" she screamed as she jumped after the cat.

"Me-ouch" says the cat as Anya drops it in surprise. The cat becomes a human and stands up. "Well, I really hate it when people do that" says the girl.

"I'm sorry" says Anya.

"It's alright, anyways, my name is Aideen" she says with an unconcerned attitude.

"So you are a cat?" Moriko asked.

"Thumbs down, I'm a shape shifter" Aideen replies.

"Well, it's nice to meet you" says Seika.

They continue to gather what they need, berries, water, herbs, and some vegetables. By the time they get back to the tree house it is morning and they head out again. Aideen is with them and they tell her about the house and about themselves. They reach the great elders, a group of Native Americans that know the answers to almost everything.

"Please Great Elder, may we ask you a question" Touki asks to the closest elder.

"Go on" he replies.

"We have been having these nightmares of our past lives, how do we make them go away?" he asks.

"What do you mean "our past lives"?" Seika asks. "I thought that it was just a bad memory."

"Memory, is right, Miss Seika" says the great elder. "Memory of the lives you had before you were reborn into this world."

"Then where are all the other people?" she asks.

"Only children who have died in war may enter these gates. As for you Touki, these dreams will not end until the war has ended" the great elder added.

"How can we help end a war that is in a different world?" Touki said getting a little heated.

"Calm down Touki, there is always a way" the great elder says. "Defeat the pirates here . . . they are the ones who defeated you."

"Wait, the same pirates that killed us back in our home are here too?" Makura asked.

"That's why it was so hard to kill them off" Touki whispered.

"How do we defeat them?" Anya asked.

"There is always a way" said the elder as he got up and left.

"The queen of darkness, daughter of the pirate, will lead us home with her voice" says Aideen, who is sitting on the ground and chanting to her self.

"What was that?" Moriko asked.

"Nothing" Aideen said with an almost innocent smile.

"What ever, let's go home" Touki says walking away from the crowd.

On the way home something catches Aideen's animal senses. There is a rustle in the bushes so Aideen becomes a tiger and pounces into the brush. There is a loud growling and then a boy emerges from the bush holding a tiger cub. "Does this belong to you?" he asks as Aideen meows lightly.

"KITTY!" yells Anya as she jumps up and takes the cub which immediately changes back into Aideen. Touki prepares for a fight but the boy senses the danger.

"Calm yourself I'm not going to attack" he says. "I'm Kaze and I'm pleased to meet you" he says kindly.

"Pleased to meet you too" says Seika. The group introduces themselves to Kaze and talk for a while as they walk back to there home. When they reach their home the door is open and the place is a mess. "Did a tornado blow through?" Seika asks.

"Some broke in?" Makura posed. "Come on Touki, you and I will check the back" he said to make sure Touki wouldn't start fighting.

"Alright, let's search the house, first to find the robber gets to yell for help" Hiryuu says. They split up into groups of two, Seika and Moriko, Hiryuu and Anya, Kaze and Aideen. They search the house and the people to find the thief is Kaze and Aideen. Aideen automatically believes that the thief was one of the pirates that killed her in her past life.

"It's time to die!" Aideen screams.

"For once, I agree with someone" Kaze replies. They begin to fight but soon the other children crowd in Seika is the last to come in.

"STOP FIGHTING!" Seika pleads. Aideen and the thief stop fighting and look at Seika. Seika and the thief recognize each other from their past lives.

"Seika?" the thief asks.

"Emma?" Seika replies. Seika and Emma jump to each other and friendly hug each other.

"You know her?" Kaze asks. Everyone is wondering the same thing just as Touki and Makura walk in, Touki is calm.

"We were old friends back in our past lives!" Emma said.

"Why did you try stealing from us?" Touki asks with a bit of impatience.

"I was hungry and my stupid step father does not feed me" Emma said holding her stomach.

"Well, you could have asked" Moriko said. "We would have given you some."

"Well then hopefully you won't mind me asking but could I stay with you guys?" Emma asked sheepishly.

The group looked at each other and nodded. "Sure you can stay" they said getting over the fact that she stole.

Makura and Moriko began to cook dinner for three more people than usual. They all talked about plans for defeating the pirates, Emma was all for defeating the pirates. Aideen was acting a little strange and started talking to a mouse in the middle of dinner. Touki and Seika were talking about their past lives and how much they enjoyed it. Kaze and Hiryuu debated over Hiryuu's blood clothes and how he shouldn't wear them in the presence of a lady. After dinner and a bit of talking everyone went to sleep.

A girl is seen surrounded by pirates in front of the zoo entrance. "Leave the animals alone!" the girl yelled. She then ran over and let several animals loose, including a tiger. The tiger begins to fight with the pirates and the tiger and the girl are shot several times by the pirates, but she doesn't die until one pirate stabs her in the back. "Back . . . stabber" she spits out before her death.

Aideen wakes up and walks into Kaze's room. He is having a nightmare so she climbs up next to him in his bed.

A boy is chained to a wall and has blood dripping from him. He has been tortured and is barely alive. "Let him go" says a pirate. "He won't last much longer." They take the boy and throw him outside but as soon as he is free he turns around and fights them. After a long fist fight the two pirates die and the boy runs away. He sees a crowd of pirates and is ready to fight them all but then dies from blood loss.

Kaze springs up but lies back down after seeing Aideen by his side. He snuggles close to her as she sleeps sound. "Lucky girl, she must not have nightmares" he says.

It is dark and a young girl is huddled in a corner with her step father standing over her. "Father, why have you joined the pirates?!?" she cries.

"Mind your own business, Whelp!" he yells as he shoots his gun at her. Each time was an intentional miss; he was trying to scare her.

"Why are you doing this?" she cries again.

"What did I just tell you!" he yells. He suddenly leaves the room and grabs a gallon of gasoline and douses the room. He takes out a lighter with the girl still in the corner; she is too scared to move. He quickly lights the room and runs out.

"Daddy, why did you leave me with this man?" she asks her deceased father.

Emma springs out of bed and runs to Seika's room to see Seika and Touki sitting up and holding each other. "I had a nightmare" she cries. Seika walks over to her and hands her a tissue.

"We all get nightmares, why do you think I was with Touki" she said showing Emma to the living room. There were all the other teens sitting up. Emma looked at the clock; it was 4:53 a.m. Kaze walked out with a still half-asleep Aideen. "How did she sleep through her nightmare?" Seika asked.

"Remember, she might be a little insane; insane people handle nightmares better than the sane" Kaze said. "Makes me wish I was insane" he laughs.

"The Queen of Darkness, daughter of the pirates, will lead us home with her voice" said Aideen, still half-asleep. Everyone stared at Aideen with confusion, thinking "who is this queen of darkness she is going on about?"

"Like I said, she is insane" Kaze said breaking up the silence.

"Uh, right . . . anyone hungry?" Moriko asked.

"Why do you always ask that once everyone is up?" Anya laughed.

"Well, everyone needs something to take their minds off the nightmares, eating tends to do that" Moriko replied as she patted Anya's head. Anya smiled as everyone headed to the kitchen.

After breakfast was over it was 6:00 a.m. and everyone headed outside. Anya and Hiryuu played hide-and-go-seek in the trees as everyone else talked near the hot springs. Moriko ran back to the house and came back with towels and bathing suits. "Um, Moriko, why are there only two bathing suits?" Seika and the others asked.

"Back home, the rules were 14 years and under have to wear a bathing suit while in the hot springs and be accompanied by an adult. Makura and I are 18 so we count as adults, Anya and Hiryuu are 14 so they count as children" Moriko said with a smile.

Seika and Touki blushed at each other, the thought of them being in a hot spring made them nervous.

"It co-ed but you'll manage" Makura laughed. Emma, Kaze, and Aideen came out with bathing suits and passed them out.

"The thought of seeing you people naked disgusts me" Kaze spat.

"We agree with Kaze" said Aideen and Emma raising their hands. Touki, Seika, Hiryuu, and Anya raised their hands in agreement.

"Party Poopers" laughed Makura and Moriko.

They all got in the hot springs, with bathing suits on, and talked for a long time about their pasts. Seika and Touki sat closer than usual; they felt comfortable next to each other. Kaze was trying to make conversation with Aideen but she kept insisting on talking with the butterflies that fluttered around them. But little did the party know the danger that lurked ahead of them. The stench of pirates was not far from their happy lives in oblivion's paradise.