Standing outside..
Thinking Aloud..
Watching The Rain..
Fall all around..
Are You Feeling It Too?
Where ever you are..
It's as if I can hear it..
When it runs through my hair..
Sopping wet and not a care in the world..
Just wondering where you are..

Looking up to the sky..
It's starting to pour..
I squint to avoid getting a drop in my eyes..
Will it ever stop..
Will it go away soon?
I hope not.. It reminds me of you..
To some you're a disappointment..
But to me you're the world..
You clear my mind free of troubles..
Just wondering where you are..

You're not mine to claim..
And really, you never were..
It was a dream..
That I had hope for so much..
That it made me believe it was reality..
Who are you with?
Are you happy and not sad?
I wish you were wishing for me..
But you're not and I know it's true.
If you were, I'd be yours with no questions asked..
Just wondering where you are..

Still looking at the gray that's covering our worlds..
Perhaps not yours.. But mine..
I raise up my arms and I spin around..
I scream.. For what feels like an eternity.. But only seconds..
I let out my fear of never finding you again..
And I fall.. straight to my knees ..
And I cry.. until I can't cry anymore..
My body aches.. You're not coming home..
Realizing this I scream once more..
And I cry even harder than before..
Just wondering where you are..

Then it ends..
Everything comes to a complete stop..
The sun's only ray shines down on my face..
But I'm still crying.. And why?
You're still not here so it's not quite perfect..
Not so much of a happy ending to my rainy days..
When the sun comes out it's misery..
There is no perfection without you near..
The rain can no longer blend with my tears..
People will see and know that I'm hurting..
I don't want their sympathy..
Only you..
Just wondering where you are..

If I can't have you than I want the rain..
Rain so that I can cry for you..
Rain so that I can scream when the thunder rolls..
Rain so there's a chance..
That maybe.. Possibly.. You're thinking, feeling, and crying with me..
At the exact same time.. For the exact same reason..
Rain so when it blends with tears..
Streams down my face and soaks into the ground..
And then starts all over again in the sky..
And my tears fall all around you..
So that you'll know that I am here..
Just wondering where you areā€¦..