Stainless steal doors parted before the assassin, who strode into the well-lit, sterile hallway. The doors were unmarked, and only one who was particularly familiar with the facility had any hope of finding the correct room. For the lone person in the hallway, forty-seven steps led to the correct room. A hand pressed against the door, which swung open into the administrator's office.

Wearing a dark turtleneck sweater and black pants, Agent 547 stood proudly before the administrator's desk. Agent 547 didn't know the administrator's name; personal details were hidden even from the most trusted personal. The administrator's name didn't matter, however, for his sole purpose, as far as the agent was concerned, was to dole out assignments.

The administrator leaned forward, then said, "Take a seat." The agent did as told, but didn't relax. All agents were trained for years to always be alert. Even the most seemingly safe situation could prove deadly to one who was unaware, especially in Agent 547's dangerous line of work. One never knew what enemies were created when they killed a target.

The administrator pushed a yellow folder across his desk, and the agent lifted it, opened it, and memorized the face that stared from the picture in the front of the folder. "This is Gregory Smethnar," the administrator said. "He is a revolutionary active in the Welston province. He is very active in advocating government reform. While he doesn't directly a revolution, he has gained many followers of late, and as we both know, when people gather together and begin to call for change, violence follows close behind."

The assassin nodded in acknowledgement. The words "When people gather together and begin to call for change, violence follows close behind" may as well have been the agency's motto, if the agency had bothered with such trivialities as mottoes. The agency's purpose was to provide for the safety of the nation of Guritev, and anyone who knew the agency even existed and what its projects had been over the course of the past years would see that more danger existed from revolutionaries within Guritev than enemies in other countries.

"You must understand our delicate situation," the administrator said. "The best way to end this threat would be to rid the people of their leader, but if we don't handle this carefully, the people may make Smethnar a martyr to rally around. His death must not look like a murder."

"I understand," Agent 547 replied.

"As demoralizing as his demise is, the better," the administrator continued. "In an ideal scenario, it would appear that he has committed suicide because he lost faith in what he has been advocating. Details such as that, however, I will leave to your discretion. You have always been very talented at creating these situations."

"I won't let you down," the assassin assured the administrator.

"One last thing," the administrator said. "In some unfortunate cases, a new leader will arise to take the place of an old one after the latter's demise. Right now, none of our agents have been able to discern if Smethnar has been training a replacement, or if he has any hidden weapons his followers may use against us. We are sending you on this mission not only because of your skills, but also because you have unique assets that may enable you to gain his trust so that he will confide in you. He seems to have a thing for intelligent blondes."

"Understood," Agent 547 responded crisply. "Are there any other details I need to know?"

"You have all the information you will need."

"Yes, sir." Agent 547 closed the folder so that it's contents could be destroyed, then turned around. With confidence, she strode from the administrator's office, already planning how best to carry out her mission.