by Siberia

Note: Blur's "To the End" molded the verses.

Why did I detect something more profound
With the friendship that we've both unwound?
Why did I sense that your eyes were lingering
On parts that they should not have been seeing?

What was it about your vulnerable words
That made me want to heal all of your hurts?
What was it about the depth of your thoughts
That hinted you were trying to win my heart?

How many intimate secrets did we share
When we knew no one else was standing there?
How frequently did we joke, laugh and talk
About subjects that mattered solely to us?

What magic did I possess when it conjured
The blessing of your gentlemanly gestures?
What unsaid joys did you covertly receive
Keeping my company within easy reach?

Now you've put an end to our innocent fun
I can understand why our closeness was wrong
But I still carry an ache that cannot be shed
'Cause your true reasons were never expressed

You leave me here alone with endless doubts
And I'm having a hard time figuring out
If your fondness for me was genuine
Or a figment of my imagination