An Angel's Kiss

In times of grief, one thing I need
To change my sorrow to bliss -
I long to feel the comfort of
My lovely angel's kiss.

An angel's kiss, so sweet and warm,
Can fill the heart with love -
A feeling rivaled only by
What comes from God above.

An angel's kiss, in times of strife,
Can wipe away all fear,
Renewing comfort in the fact
That our true love is near.

An angel's kiss, adorned with light,
Returns to us blue skies.
Our sadness it can help erase,
And all our tears it dries.

An angel's kiss we all do seek,
With all our heart and mind,
Thankful that the Lord hath said,
"Seek and ye shall find."

My angel's kiss I long to feel
When my faith has withdrawn,
For when at last it comes to me,
My doubts will all be gone.