On opening the photo album I found pictures of me and my family. There were pictures of my parents and of my sister and me when we were kids. There were some pictures of my sister the same year she was murdered. My eyes welled up with tears as I wondered why Sylinskie had these pictures. As I turned each page, it brought back so many bad memories, I wanted to shut the whole album and run away. Only I couldn't leave yet, I had to finish looking at the album.

The last two pictures came as a shock to me. One was a picture of Sylinskie stabbing my father, and the other was of Sylinskie raping my sister. They were gruesome, making me want to vomit. Both pictures were a blur, but the figures in them looked very familiar and were very recognizable. On taking a closer look at Sylinskie, I realized he looked a lot like me, almost as if he were my brother or something of that sort. The thought sent shivers down my spine as I once again heard my sister screaming out in pain as she was being raped. It was a surprise I didn't pass out.

I closed the album shut as I sat there on the floor shivering. My hands were violently shaking as I slowly got up to keep the photo album back in its original place. I couldn't believe what I had just seen. Sylinskie couldn't be related to us in any way, he was our worst enemy! There were some bank papers, and newspaper cuttings about me being put into the mental asylum. I didn't bother reading through them though, I didn't think they were important.

I looked through more papers, but nothing really interested me. Then my eye caught a thick brown folder at the bottom of a pile of old magazines. Sylinskie read the same kind of magazines I read, sports and business. I picked up the brown folder and looked at the cover. It was an FBI case file. Once again, Sylinskie proved to be a clever chap, he even had his case file with him though it was FBI top secret property.

On opening to the first page, I saw a page with some vague information which had nothing to do with Sylinskie. I turned a few pages and found nothing of importance. Then almost ten pages later, I came to the case file. I hadn't bothered to read through the first ten pages as it was a tedious time consuming process and while reading I could never keep guard of myself. I would be vulnerable to anyone who might be hiding and ready to attack me.

What I saw was the most shocking thing I had ever seen in my entire life. It was worse than my father's death, worse than that bloody bag containing my cut up sister. There was a picture of me, left side view, front view, right side view, and back view. This was what was written below the photograph:

Name: Randal Dennis Waterman, also known as Michael Sylinskie

DOB: December 13th, 1978

Height/Weight: 5' 11"/137.8 lb

Crime: Murder of father, rape of sister, attempted murder of best friend, A. Joseph, threat to life of mother

Present Location: Goodwill Mental Asylum. Has been proven the subject is mentally unstable, being a schizophrenic. A threat to all…

I couldn't get myself to read anymore as my head started spinning. Suddenly it stopped spinning and on opening my eyes I looked around the room and gave a sigh of relief, it felt so good to be home after wasting three years in a mental asylum. I looked at the brown folder in my hand and smirked, I was much too clever for the FBI, I even had my file with me. I had erased my name from all the existing criminal records though I had been living in a mental asylum. How could they mistaken a criminal like me to have an unstable mind, how was it possible that someone as clever as me was a schizophrenic? I chuckled to myself as I put my folder under my stack of magazines and collapsed onto my nice warm bed. Once again I had proven to be a smartass by escaping from the asylum and killing the last of the Watermans.