featherlight honeysweet it rains on (me) --
-- teor showers that glow lavalamp li(me) --
-- rmaids weep pearldrop tears of love's sugar sha(me) --
-- tallic music crashbang guitars husky vocals chro(me) --
-- chanical movements clockwork I can't stop ti(me) --
-- tamorphosis chrysalis me into regal swallowtail supre(me) --
-- ntal labyrinth in which I can't recall my cri(me) --
-- rciless is my quicksand angel for no reason or rhy(me) --
-- lting into the mess of wicked witch that is (me).

-kismet. 2nd december 2004.

author's note: (me)lissa is my real na(me) but NO, call (me) kis(me)t.

author's note (again): this is my first angst piece in a LONGLONG time and I shall THROW IT ALL IN YOUR FACE AHAHAHA. so maybe you won't like/get it. man, even I can't quite withstand a poem full of me. and notice how I only tell you this AFTER the poem ahahaha. yes I am strange. and proud of it too. all apologies, anyhow. (nirvana!)