Dag And Adreyan

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Dag's POV

A year later.

It's been a year since that fateful night at the club in the city. The Fallen Angels actually got a recording contract because of that night. They had started recording four months after being approached by Universal Records. Apparently, the CEO of the recording studio had been in the audience when the band had been playing and had been so impressed by them that he had immediately requested an audience with the band. So, Adreyan and the rest of the band members are known throughout the United States. It's amazing really. Adreyan still doesn't know how they managed to do it. But I had confidence in them all along.

Gage and Brennen got married! Yeah, not really all that shocking. It was hilarious, actually. I was in Brennen's class one day, and there was a knock on the door. When Brennen opened it, this delivery man handed him a huge bunch of balloons and a bouquet of flowers and then just left, all without saying a word. That was good enough. Brennen was a little confused, but he put the flowers on a side table, letting the balloons float up to the ceiling, and then proceeded to try teaching the class again. That didn't work though. Three more people knocked on the door, each a few minutes apart from each other, each delivering something else to him. I think he was about to bawl out the fourth person to knock on the door, interrupting the class. He would have too, except that it was Gage who knocked.

Let me tell you, I've never seen someone more excited. Gage just walked in the room, turned to the class, telling us that he wanted to borrow Brennen for a moment, then turned back to him, and, in front of the entire English class, got down on one knee and asked Brennen to marry him right then and there. If it hadn't been for the desk that Brennen had been leaning against, then I think that he might have actually fallen down. As it was, he was pretty shocked and surprised. He said yes, eventually. It took a couple of nudges to get him out of his stupor.

Vance and Sarra are married as well, and they're expecting. You got it! Twins! Vance took the news rather well, too. He only fainted once. Adreyan couldn't stop laughing. That is, until Vance went and made him Godfather of one of the twins. He stopped laughing then. In fact, he almost followed Vance into a faint.

Dirk moved into town with us. He's working for some fancy Italian designer now, and he has his own line of clothing coming out in the fall. He's really excited about it. He's also been seeing someone new. My cousin Sloan, actually. They met when Sloan just showed up on my doorstep one day. Dirk had answered the door since I had been…ahem…occupied, and apparently it was love at first sight. They've been together ever since.

Sloan's a little young though. He's only 19, just out of high school, but he's had to grow up fast. His father was like mine. He didn't like the fact that Sloan was gay, and used to beat him up all the time. In fact, when Sloan showed up on my doorstep, he'd been covered in bruises, which is the reason that I'm assuming that he came in the first place. But, he hasn't contacted his father since he's been living with me, and I never ask.

As for the rest of the Fallen Angels, well, they're still the same. I've gotten to know them more over the last year. I've had a recording studio built onto the house, and they practice here a lot. Blayne completely recovered from his incident with Gage's father. Halen rejoined the band, taking the total band member count up to seven. He's actually a good guy. I'm still a little uneasy about leaving him alone with Adreyan, but so far he hasn't done anything to earn my distrust again. Actually, he's said he's laying off dating for a while. Something about getting his priorities straight.

Ky is still Ky. Dirk still occasionally hits on him. But, only because it makes Sloan laugh. Ky doesn't mind that much now though. I think that he's kind of gotten used to it by now, what with him being friends with half a dozen or more gay guys.

Alan is still with the band. He just gave up looking for another job, saying that he had no reason to look for a band to play with when he was already playing with the best there was. Adreyan and I baby-sit for him every now and then, just to give him and his wife a night or two to themselves. But, believe me, it isn't my idea. The kids seriously cut into my alone time with Adreyan. But, since Adreyan loves them, I don't mind all that much.

C.J and his girl now live in town too. I don't see much of his girl though, because she's always traveling. Makes me wonder why they stay together though, since they hardly ever see each other, but it's really none of my business.

Blaze and Swift occasionally call me up to say hi. I haven't seen them for a while though. I think that they're on vacation now. The last time I was talking to Greg, I think he mentioned something about Hawaii. I just hope that Blaze has fun. I mean, she deserves it after all she's been through in her life.

As for Adreyan and I, well, he has an additional ring on his finger now. One more expensive than the one I gave him a year ago. I asked him to marry me two weeks ago, and he said yes. Actually, he shouted yes. I think the entire neighborhood heard him. I know that half the household came running. Including Chaos, Star and Hammie. And let me tell you, having two full grown Great Danes and a full grown Golden Retriever tackle you isn't pleasant. I was lucky to escape with my life. Adreyan, however, enjoyed it and immediately started playing with them. I can't help but laugh at him sometimes. He seems so childlike, but he's one of the most mature people I know. The promise ring I gave him now resides on a platinum chain around his neck, since the engagement ring now owns the place on his finger. You wouldn't believe the number of times I've caught him twisting that ring around his finger, admiring it.

I'm taking him to dinner tonight, at the new restaurant that I just recently opened. Dirk was amazed at that. He actually thought that I would be cooking there myself. I'd thought about offering him a job as a cook, but I figured that he loved designing clothing more, so I found myself a rather good chef working at a local diner. Apparently the kid was a graduate of some fancy French culinary school, but, when he moved here, no one would hire him. Ah well. Their loss, my gain.

Oh, and the Temple of Diablo, my club, is doing really well too. It's the major hot spot in the area. It does help, however, that the Fallen Angels play there once a month. Like I said, they're good.

Our house has really become a home now. With Gage, Brennen, Sloan, Adreyan and I living here, with the dogs and two cats, Cosmo and Wanda, both new additions to the household, the house really feels like a nice place to be. Oh, and the names for the cats, Adreyan's idea. He's taken to watching this cartoon on satellite. Fairly Odd Parents. I've watched it with him, and it seems pretty good, but I'll deny it to my grave.

But, all in all, I think that everything turned out really well. Adreyan and I have made use of the playroom more than once over the last year. I think that he's come to consider it to be one of his favorite rooms in the entire house. I know it's been a favorite of mine.

This past year has made me realize a lot of stuff. Before I met Adreyan, I used to be so untrustworthy. But, now I'm more open. I still don't make friends as easily as I could, but I'm not completely cold.

This definitely isn't the end of our story though. So much more has to happen. We have our entire lives ahead of us, with so many things to experience. Hopefully, we'll be around a lot longer, so we can experience those things. But, until then, we just take each day as it comes. Every day is a new one, with new challenges, and whose to say that we won't enjoy every minute of it. Even if I have to occasionally drag Adreyan from the bed half asleep to experience them. But, I do know one thing for certain. Nothing can keep us – any of us – from what we truly want. We may be Fallen Angels, as Adreyan says, but we won't always be that way. I can guarantee that.

The End


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