I watch my friend

Give her boy a love bite

I lick my fangs

And wait for my guy.

I wait for my guy

When he came I go for the neck

He shudders as I break the skin

I feel a hot liquid run into my mouth

I release my grip and walk away

I lick my fangs and set up for a shot of pool

He comes over blood, dripping from his neck

I get hungrier.

I grab his hand and we head to the couch

When we get there I finish my supper.

It's his turn then

I lift my neck and wait for him.

I feel his lips kiss and nip at my neck.

'Bite it' I whisper

A swirling wave of pleasure clouded my vision.

As I feel teeth in my neck.

I feel his tongue circle the holes he put there.

I lift my head and

We look deep each others eyes.

Two Vampires loving each other.