Author's Note: This is based on what one of my friends is going through with another friend at the moment... it's kind of an attempt to capture what I think he's probably feeling right now. It's sort of strange writing a poem from someone else's perspective, hmm. Thanks for reading.

Because I Loved You.
I'm sorry that I thought that it would work
but you and I are from completely different worlds
it seemed to me that it would be the right thing
but what I did was so inherently in the wrong
I've fought with you, I've cried for you
I told you I never wanted that again
but you never understood my words
and I've had shouts and tears a million times since then
I never meant to push you quite that hard
because I didn't realize how close to the edge you and I were standing
and when we hit the rocky bottom
you were fine, but you're leaving me there forever
and you say that I'm weak
weak, because I loved you
weak, because after a thousand blows I'm down on my knees
and asking your forgiveness
forgive me, because you don't understand what you're doing to me
I'm sorry, because I loved you
but sorry just won't cut it when your words cut me like a knife
and leave me bleeding
because I wore my heart out
wore it on my sleeve, just for you
and you got so mad when the little boys beat that dog to death
but you're fine with how you treat me
the "wounded dog" that you say I am
and did you ever realize that so many of your arguments
just never made enough sense?
but I'm in the wrong
for bowing to you, for standing up to you
and nothing I can do is good enough for you
I followed my heart
when everyone else told me not to
and now I see where it's gotten me
and I feel like a fool
because I tried to make you see what I was feeling
a fool, because I loved you
with your magic, you deceived me
you made those mountains out of my little requests
and said it was my own fault that the mountains were there
and so how do you feel now?
I'm sure you're fuming
because I can only make you mad
a gift I never knew I had until just so recently
you went off to your own little world
and left me here, and I waited
and when I asked if I could come with you
you yelled at me and left me here forever
leaving me just out of reach from you
and the harder I tried to bridge the gap
the more I built with imaginary stones
and now a day is dawning
that I never would have imagined could exist
a day without you
a day to last forever
this day, all because I loved you
and you never said goodbye.

TMK 11/30/2004