Author's Note: Hm, this is a lot more gushy-sappy-romancey than I usually get. Not really the best that I've done, but, eh, oh well. Love poetry, whoop-dee-doo. Thanks for reading.

The Perfect One
Even with all the loves I've had,
I know I haven't met you yet.
But still, I know you.
And I know you're out there.
I can see you in my mind -
not well-defined, but still,
I know you're perfect.
I just want to find you.
Every day I look around,
expecting to finally see you -
but will you know me as well?
Of course, if we're meant to be together.
I haven't found you just yet,
but I know that one day
strong, loving arms will hold me
and you'll be the one I love forever.
I will find you, my love.
The perfect one I'm searching for.

TMK 11/30/2004