Groove To Da Beat Chpt 1

By Knightmare Elite

-Author's note- This is a little something that I just felt like doing. Even though it is a lesbian story, it's not part of the 'L Series'.- End Author's note-

Cassie sat at the edge of her bed with a slow yawn. Lazily she wiped the sleep from her eyes following a stretch. Her alarm clock suddenly went off indicating she was ahead of schedule. It was rarity in a person as unorganized as herself. She sat on the edge of the bed scratching her stomach. Her eyes felt too heavy to open from such a beautiful slumber.

"Well at least its payday," Cassie shrugged.

She stood up half dragging herself to the bathroom. Cassie drearily watched her grim reflection as she turned on the faucet. It has been three years since she started working at club Tropix. It was one of the hottest night clubs in all of Florida. It was practically the dream of any young DJ to land such a prominent job. Cassie merely saw it as a paycheck. She was very good at spinning, but there were more important aspects in her life.

As she slipped out of her boxers and tank top, she began dividing up her paycheck. Her somewhat hectic schedule took a hard toll on her personal life. Outside of work, Cassie had little time to mingle. Fortunately, she worked in the range of countless single and beautiful women. There was just something about them that Cassie couldn't get.

No matter how hard she tried, Cassie just couldn't relate to 98 of society. She felt like a true loner living outside of the world she existed within. Music was always comforting and gave her a chance to relax. Cassie felt the water making sure the temperature was just right. She stepped in the tub relaxing in the warm sea of elation.

"I hope it's a busy night, I might pull in some reasonable tips," Cassie grumbled.

She bathed while sorting out her financial woes as always. Afterwards Cassie drained the tub and walked over to the sink. She opened the medicine cabinet retrieving her contacts. Ocean blue was the color that felt locked within her heart. Many who cast their eyes upon Cassie found it somewhat strange. Visually, she held no such demeanor to grace such soft blue eyes. Yet she wore them every time to simply remind herself. There are many things that she may not understand, but there are some that are better left.

Lining up the second lens, Cassie blinked setting them in place. She then took out the bottle of hair gel and went to work. Her raven hair was always kept very short. It bothered Cassie to rummage through it finding a style. She simply gave up after high school and kept it not even shoulder length. The gel ran through her fingers as she slicked it up. Her hair stemmed in as many directions as it would hold.

"Not bad babe," Cassie complimented her reflection.

She quickly put on her black midriff shirt while her hair dried. The shirt rested just above her waistline rather comfortably. It was her lucky shirt after all; most of the color was beginning to fade. She didn't mind, that only made it all the more sentimental. Next was the wardrobe for the night. She raised the bottom exposing her belly button then lowered it again. Her body felt so naked without any piercings or tattoos.

It was something Cassie had mixed feelings about. She wanted individualize herself; but going at it in such a generic matter ruined the exclusivity. She grabbed a pair of small boxers and socks. At a modest 5'6 125lbs, she was comfortable with herself. Cassie knew she had a nice body, but that was never important to her. Her mother was a firm believer in inner beauty. Cassie perceived her mother's notion against idealistic beauty hypocritical. Her mother was by all means a certified gold digger. She only dated rich and handsome men. Being so Cassie's father was a multimillionaire, he passed away two years ago. It was a tragic skiing accident that claimed his life. Cassie had just started college during that time.

The news took her very hard sending her into withdrawal. It was very wrecking situation in many ways. Her mother though she loved him, was more concerned about the will. She was outraged finding out she would only get $50,000 a year. Cassie lashed out at her mother's blatant disregard for her late husband. Speaking of which Cassie received the lion's share of the inheritance. Upon turning 25 years of age; Cassie would inherit twenty five million dollars. Now at twenty three years old in her junior year of college, she felt more depressed than ever.

There were so many things she wanted to do with her father, so many memories they could have shared. So much she felt was snatched away. Her mother was more of a friend than a parent. They had a close relationship but that was just it. There was no special bond of trust or warmth between them. After the will reading it all went straight to hell. Still her mother sent her a $700 check every month to make due with living expenses.

Cassie wanted to work things out with her mother on some levels. But it didn't seem worth the hassle in the long run. Too many severed ties and legal battles would ensue over the money. Cassie would gladly give her mother half the money, but it just wasn't enough for her. In a way her mother was right, she was faithful and a good wife. After 25yrs of marriage she should have been a little better compensated. Her husband however saw her true qualities in her conniving ways. She was left with more than enough to live off, plus the mansion.

Cassie lived in a shitty apartment overseeing a train station. She worked as a DJ at night and a college student by day. As she grabbed her black low riding jeans she smiled. Stepping into them and buckling the clasp, she inhaled. Sliding her leather belt into the waistline, her smile ran deeper. Cassie looked into the mirror fastening her dog tag collar. She looked herself up and down sliding on her black wrist bands. Her breasts, small but round under her top gave two nice bubbles.

The faded white fist in the center of her shirt gave her comfort. Those strange blue eyes again stood out against her image. Cassie watched the tear roll down her cheek. She remembered her father reading to her before he tucked her in. His soft blue eyes would reflect her gleaming face whenever he made a joke. He would always let her finish the last half of the book. Bedtime became Cassie's favorite pastime with her father. It was part of the closeness they shared. Her mother found such acts meaningless. She rather stick Cassie with a baby sitter while dining in a lavish restaurant.

Even while they were gone, Cassie knew she would be awoken late in the night. She would see those soft blue eyes, and he would ask if she was alright. Cassie looked into the mirror at her spiked hair, black tee shirt, black jeans and boots and blue eyes. What bothered her most about the reflection were her arms and wrists. They were lined with gashes of varied lengths. She ran her fingers over the half visible scabs. Deeper her heart sank reliving the ultimate lows of her solitude. Casssie's heart ached holding that razor against her flesh. It was all surrendered upon seeing that red bubble erupt. As she slid the metal across her skin, it was alright to do it, she deserved it. All the sadness and neglect bled from her being in that instant.

Deeper she pushed the blade freeing herself from disparity. Cassie cursed herself only crying harder in the end. She would sit on the toilet looking at her bloody arm in shame. Her weakness controlled her yet again. It was the only way she could control her anger. She again vowed to stop, but Cassie knew the sad truth. Once she opened her eyes, she would be back watching her pain flow once again.

Normally Cassie wore long sleeves to cover her injuries. Being she was going to work it was alright. Within the hyperactive sexually charged club atmosphere; Cassie blended seamlessly. No one cared what she did to herself. All they wanted from her was a constant rhythm for their groove. Cassie looked at the dark marks along her wrists feeling it once again. She felt a dark loneliness within her heart, a true isolation from the joyous outlook on a melancholy life. Cassie touched the marks remembering her father's face. She felt the rigid texture seeing her mother near hysterical at the will reading.

She thought hard for a moment fighting the urge for the release. Her body shook in her stuttered breaths. Cassie's eyes burned into the mirror at the woman she became. In the vicious skiing accident, daddy and his little girl died that day. Cassie fell towards mirror catching herself. She rose her head looking again into her reflection. Those blue eyes so sad and alone cried with her. Who was this person before her? Was this really who Cassie was, or was it all a façade to mask her true self. She watched the tears fall whispering apologetic pleas. Her lips moved fogging the mirror before her, yet she could hear no sound. All Cassie had within her life was music, loneliness and his eyes; she felt pathetic to carry on such a seemingly false premise. Still she looked within her eyes for their much needed comfort.

She dried them and walked away from the mirror. Her steps felt so heavy just leaving the image. What would he say if he saw Cassie now? His sweet little princess was now a lonely lesbian. It hurt more being she was going to come out to him that weekend. Sadly the revelation never came to pass. He was the only man she every loved, and he left before she could tell him she loved women. In her greatest moments of despair, Cassie always remembered what he told her.

"Cassie, whenever things aren't going your way, or you feel like the world is against you; just take a minute to smile and then it will be alright."

It never made much sense to her but nonetheless it became second nature.

"Oh great where'd I put my deodorant," Cassie grumbled looking through her dresser.

Under one of her few bras it lay. She slid on a thin layer and grabbed her car keys. The Florida heat was taxing out her choice of wardrobe at times. Cassie learned to adjust like in all other situations. She sighed walking to her car, a used 1989 piece of shit. It got her from point A to point B…most of the time. It was very compact and mirrored the life of a typical college student.

Various stickers lined the dented bumper and trunk. She opened the door sliding her school books aside. Scattered along the seat were her mixed CD's albums and track sheets. Various notes and assignment sheets mingled in the mix. Cassie grimly frowned remembering her true baby. It was a rainy Tuesday afternoon Cassie's father took her to the car dealer. He was a very firm believer that people should never start from the top. In that day he took 17yr old Cassie to a used car dealer. He led her to the lot and told her to take her pick.

"Choose anyone you want dear, remember this is your first car. Treat it well and it will treat you well. Come on there has to be something that tickles your fancy," he laughed rubbing her shoulder.

Cassie walked the lot for a few minutes until something caught her eye. There sat a red two door sports car. It was fully loaded with sunroof, fog lights, spoiler and an aftermarket component audio system. She ran her hands along the warm metal feeling the electric touch. Cassie fell in love the moment she laid eyes on the car.

It was fully restored to show room condition, it just screamed mid luxury. Upon opening the door, Cassie was floored by the carbon fiber finish. The leather encased shift knob beautifully matched the leather seating. She sat in the chair with an elastic smile.

"I want this one daddy. It's so perfect and it's a '97," Cassie drooled.

"Hmm turbo charged V6, 320hp, all wheel drive, 19in tires and DVD navigation system. This is a pretty loaded car alright. Best of all it only has 19,884 miles. Are you sure this is what you want as your first car sweetie? It's a big responsibility for a seventeen year old owning a $27,000 car," He sternly asked.

"Daddy this is the only thing I want. I swear you don't have to get me anything for my birthday or Christmas. This one thing is more than I could ever thank you for," Cassie pleaded.

"You know Cassie; you really must take a moment to appreciate what you have. Not many girls just getting their license can pull into school in a car like that. You are a very fortunate girl, but you're still my daughter and I love you anyway. This car is a little richer than I had compensated, however with your grades and extracurricular activities; I feel this is a suitable reward," Her father announced.

"Oh thank you sooo much daddy, you're the greatest. I can't believe this is gonna be my car. You won't regret this I promise I'll work even harder to make you proud," Cassie cheered barely containing her excitement.

She jumped up and down staring at the car. The excitement was soon paled by a beautiful woman approaching. She was a tall thin brunette with a killer smile. Cassie loved looking at girls' lips. This woman had very delectable looking lips. She lowered her head as the woman approached. Her outfit signified she was a sales representative. Cassie admired the long slender legs stretching up to that blue skirt. She sighed knowing her feelings were troublesome. Cassie was afraid to tell her parents about her sexuality.

There would eventually be a time to come clean, but now she took a deep breath and smiled. She raised her head confidently meeting the beautiful woman's smile.

"Hello my name is Laura, do you see anything you like?" Laura asked.

"…Most definitely, Cassie blushed

Cassie smiled enjoying her perfect life provided by her one and only hero. Nothing would ever mar her seemingly glorious existence. Unfortunately fate does have a way of intervening. Cassie thought of her beautiful sports car as her face burned in anger.

"Why must I be punished like this?" Cassie groaned at the engine's refusal to start.

She beat the worn steering wheel hearing the horn blast. Cassie gritted her teeth as she clenched the sides of the wheel. She calmed giving herself a minute to recuperate. Cassie took a deep breath, smiled and turned the key. The car came to life and she was off.