Mirror Mirror

Show me what I want to see

Cleanse me of my vanity

If I broke this glass

It would not break my fall

There would still be pieces of me lying on the floor

Shattered and serrated

With my thirsty youth faded

It is nothing doctor cannot fix

Medicine teaching nothing but beauty tricks

And ways to kill an aging disease

Fighting something no one else sees

But the girl glancing at the door

Because boy does not want her anymore

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Who is the biggest fool of all?

The one in the reflection

Or the one who faced rejection

With the face of a false perception

Pursed and puckered my lips for media deception

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust

Raise my eyebrows and lift my bust

Tuck me in doctor dear

These scary wrinkles are all I fear

As I lay me down to sleep

The mirrors to whom I keep

If I should die before the surgery, I reap

Who ever said beauty was only skin-deep?