Eternal Sleep

Why is it so wrong?

If it makes me feel good

When did you become the decider?

Of my life and of my world.

I need to do it, not for one

Particular reason but just to cause harm.

I want more scars and I need to see

More blood. Who cares if I do it?

As long as I don't cut to deep, right.

I didn't do it long, but for that

Time it was good, and helped me

Through so much. I didn't ask you

To care so much. But now I feel

Guilty coz I really wana do it

But the thought of disappointing

Both of you at this point is way too much.

I can't deal with it, especially this pressure

From everything that's going on.

I fear of exposing my arm, or letting

The mask slip. Family and friends thinking

You're everything especially happy. How wrong could

They be, when they see, I cut to be free.

I can never tell them, even though I love them so.

I'm just afraid of having to let them go.

Will they see me the same or turn on me

Like some do. This pain is just getting way to

Much, I can't deal and just wana feel the steel.

I don't know how long I can go on,

I just hope I don't go to far with my

Blade next time, coz I don't know if the cutting will

Cease or would I finally find peace,

As I drift into that thing they call eternal sleep.

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