I'm leaving,

Because I can't look at you,

Without my heart breaking.

What you did I can't forgive

I thought we had trust,

Beyond anything I thought we had love.

Well maybe it was just one sided.

Actually it kinda looks that way.

Coz if you really loved me then,

Well then I wouldn't be writing this.

Countless times, I trusted and was there.

But now I can't even begin to care.

I don't know how you feel with this,

But I guess, at the end you don't even care.

But you know you'll always hold a place in

My heart, even if it's slowly turning black

Maybe that will save me, the memories, that

Were once true. You know, I actually trusted you.

I guess it wasn't worth the words or even the

Breath, coz if it was then we'd still be true.

But I guess all seemingly good things must come

To an end. Even if it pains me so. I guess I

Should say good-bye and just let it go. My heart

Is slashed and my arms are to, but I guess I can't

Put that one on you. You were my first love, and I

Know I'll never forget. But I hope all the bad

Memories are put to rest. I hate that it ended here

Know you'll always be in my heart, held dear. Well all

I guess that's left to say is good-bye and I

Hope that I can forgive you someday.

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