Little Round Top

(for those of you who don't pay attention in history class, Little Round Top was a Civil War battle at Gettysburg, PA. This poem is from Union Lt. Colonel Joshua Chamberlain point of view. P:S: read more about history. PPS: Please review!!!

My mind is racing.

Ideas flying from nowhere.

No bullets left.

No time to think.

We charge.

We don't.

I can't decide.

Grey replaces blue.

Men dying left and right.

Fear grips me with it's hand.

Courage tries to help.

But fear has won.

Failure lingers in my mind.

We must hold.

Now or never.


Bayonets drawn.

Slicing fathers


And sons.

Bright red blood paints the ground.

Shame comes in.

Why does it have to end this way?

Our flag still flies.

Blue replaces grey.

We have won.

Failure and fear

are gone.

We held.