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Sitting uncomfortably in the itchy, hard backed seat, Bex closed her eyes and tried to sleep for the next hour of the journey.

She was in an old coach with her fellow classmates on their way to an art gallery in Liverpool. The journey so far hadn't gone quite so well, first the driver had shown up late, then on the motorway had to stop after the back tyre of the coach had exploded, they then had to sit for an hour while a new coach was sent to collect them, now the stifling heat of the day burned through the thin glass windows. The air-conditioning wasn't working properly so everyone sat fanning themselves with magazines and sharing what little liquid was left in Lucy's bottle of spring water.

Bex could feel herself slowly melting into the world of sleep but was rudely pulled back to reality when she and everyone else in the coach heard the loud metal scrape from the roof of the coach.

"What the hell was that?" Gemma chided in, looking up along with everyone else in the coach.

Bex sat in a more upright position now as the coach driver continued driving with out so much as a flinch towards the strange sound. Looking around the humid space Bex pushed her way out of her seat at the very back of the coach and plodded down to the coach driver.

"Hey, aren't you gonna stop and see what that was?" Bex asked audaciously as she peeped slightly over his shoulder.

"OH MY GOD!!!" she cried, taking a slight step back from the driver, bringing her hand up to cover her mouth.

Turning his face round to look at her, the driver grinned ominously at Bex through blood shot eyes. His face was deep red and pulsated heavily with rich blue veins that looked like they could burst from his skin at any moment, he twitched uncontrollably as he reached out a hand of claw like fingers that caused Bex to take yet another fearing step back.

Almost stumbling, Bex turned and dashed to the back of the coach as the driver heavily fell from his seat onto the hard floor, almost rolling down the few steep steps near the door. Almost as soon as he began clawing his way along the floor did everyone notice his grotesque looking features, screams of shock and fear could be heard from them as he tried to grab out at them slowly. The students were now all trying to reach the back of the coach before their monstrous driver could get near them. Bex stood almost crushed in the tightly cramped crowd of students. Her body ached painfully in the hot humidity of the crowd and the sun that washed through the filthy back window. Everyone now screamed again as the coach was smashed heavily by something, causing it to veer into an uneasy halt in the middle of the motorway. They were all thrown onto the ground, and now the screams turned to moans of discomfort. Bex was the first to stand up, taking gentle steps over everyone as she painfully walked once more to the front of the coach again, knowing that the driver would also have been thrown somewhere from the blow. As she slowly took each step she happened to look out of one of the side windows. Her movement ceased, and she stood looking in awe at what seemed to be a huge mechanical beast.

How could it be, she wondered in amazement at the huge mechanical lion that posed so casually outside, its whole body was constructed of metal but its main was made of real looking fur that was well worn and old looking. Its beastly gaze shifted till it was purely fixed on Bex. Almost falling over in amazement and fear Bex found her feet and stumbled once more to the front of the coach and began pounding on the tightly closed folding coach doorway.

"Open you stupid piece of shit!" She cried desperately as she pounded harder, her fists slightly grazing. Turning and looking out of the side window again she noticed the mecha was beginning to move closer to the coach.

"Oh god its coming, what do I do?" Bex moaned as she thrust her whole body against the door, it opened suddenly and her body spilled through the open doorway onto the tarmac of the road. Heaving her body up slightly she looked under the coach along the road, and could see huge feet at the other side, maybe if she stayed quiet it wouldn't know she was at the other side of the coach, she pulled her body back behind the front tyre of the coach. Sitting as still as she could she listened to the deafening sound of the creatures steps, they were getting louder, was it going to come after her?

Bex sat there for what seemed like forever waiting, her body shivering uncontrollably as she hugged her arms around herself. When will it go away? Her mind cried.

Not noticing the creature at first as its huge body appeared around from the front of the coach, Bex almost screamed when it caught her attention, at first its head looked straightforward then turned suddenly to look down on her as she kneeled in shock on the ground.

Bex got to her feet and turned to dash the other way, only to here a crashing sound followed by the demonic driver sliding out of a now broken window near the back of the coach.

"Damnit!" she shouted furiously, she was trapped between a huge robot that was most likely going to crush her and demon bus driver. "How could my day get any worse?" She moaned under her breath.

It was at that exact moment the driver lunged at her, soon followed by the mecha stomping forwards at quick pace. It just got worse.

Looking from one to the other Bex knew it was over, the bare truth was too much, she was going to die. Covering her ears with shaky hands Bex closed her eyes and screamed in desperate fear. Sliding into a frantic halt, the mecha stood still for only a second before moving backwards slowly. The driver stayed on its path till it was only a few feet away from her.

Watching from the windows her classmates all took in deep breathes, some turned away, some closed their eyes and others stood watching in shock. Bex was going to die and none of them could do anything to help.

Strangely the ground began to shake slightly at first but got more intense, the windows of the coach exploded, shattering glass shards in all directions. The driver still continued forwards, and as he got closer still, till his head was only inches from her.

She screamed once again as he crushed into a bright aura that mysteriously appeared around her. His head was instantly smashed and his neck severely broken, Blood dripped from the strange invisible aura around her, and pooled on the ground where his body had now fallen.

Bex's screaming was soon drowned out by the screams of a couple of girls in her class, so Bex eased her throat and stopped. She looked up and watched in horror as blood spilled down the invisible wall beside her, her gaze followed its flow to the corpse on the ground. All Bex did was look, her eyes wide in horror and disgust. As she stared the ground soon ceased to shake and she slumped heavily onto her knees.

The loud thumps of mecha feet were once again heard as it closed in behind her stopping nearby. The Front legs slightly sunk towards the ground then heaved the whole front of its body into a standing position, the hind legs shifted shape, releasing various tubes that began pumping out steam as the legs then folded up into a kneeling position. A strange vary of clicks and screeches could be heard from within its belly, then in the very centre of its hard stomach, a disc shape on metal began to rotate quickly till it came lose and pinged open loudly. More steam emerged from within the new hole, and through the misty white gas Bex could make out the outline of a human figure climbing out.

As the steam cleared, Bex could make out the features of the person, it was young looking man with a scruffy looking mop of sandy brown hair, his skin was richly tanned that showed he was often outdoors, his eyes, which were resting on her face, were a dazzling shade of blue. He wore a tatty shirt over a dull blue t-shirt. The shirt looked as though it was once white, was now thick in engine grease and oil much like the state of his faded jeans that were equally plastered in mechanical stains. He wore a huge pair of thick leather boots with metal caps on the ends of them; the laces were broken and unfastened and just swayed as he took each step. Around his neck he wore a tight black string necklace with what looked like an animals tooth hanging from it and a pair of slightly oversized goggles rested atop his mass of shaggy hair. He looked no older than her.

Her chest tightened, as her breaths got heavier. Why did she feel so tired?

She clutched at her chest and tried to back away as the strange man closed in on her.

"Get away from me!" She choked as her vision hazed slightly.

Everything went silent. The screams of her classmates, the traffic driving by at the other side of the motorway or the young mans voice. She could see his lips move but heard nothing except her own breathing. The world seemed to move in slow motion.

The last thing she saw was the stranger running towards her before she was consumed by unconsciousness.

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