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Chapter 18.

Rem knelt on the shoulder of Leonar chewing on something meaty from the food supplies the Gene kept tucked away inside the Leonars cockpit. Thunder was sat right next to her, his back propped up against the side of Leonars head. They were trying to avoid Kameko who was currently praising the young boy for hitting Gene with a stick.

Gene had acquired a small cut to his hand and was tending to it so he didn't get an infection. Rem slid her eyes over in his direction and observed how military the task seemed to be to him.

She was about to push another piece of dried food into her mouth when he jerked his head up and looked back at her. He was unsmiling but had a somewhat tender expression as though observing her in return. She blushed slightly and her hand slowly dropped from her mouth. Why was he looking at her like that?

She quickly glanced down at Kay as if checking that she wasn't watching them before turning her sights back to him.

Shyly pushing her hands down onto her knees, she suddenly felt a wave of dizziness pass through her entire body. Rem knew this could only mean one thing. Another 'Rem soul' was close by…meaning she was going to disappear once she acquired it.

She bit down on her bottom lip softly as she stared at Gene sadly.

Gene could see the sudden change in her expression, the way she suddenly leaned towards him whispering "The tamer is on her way…don't let her take me away."

She buried her face into his right shoulder and clung to him.

"What's wrong with you? Rem?" He enclosed his arms about her form and felt her shaking. "I don't know what you mean…what tamer? I'm not gonna let anyone take you away."

Rem looked up at Gene, tears welling up in the corners or her eyes. "You promise?"

Taken aback slightly by the innocent expression across her face he wiped his thumb gently across the under side of her eyes and removed the tears that threatened to fall.

"I promise." He stated honestly, his fingers lingering beneath her chin as his thumb resumed stroking across her cheek slowly.

Gene blinked in surprise as the girl in his arms leaned up and swiftly brought her face to within inches of his own, her eyelids weighed dreamily as they slid shut and she pouted her lips slightly.

He sat there unmoving as he studied her face, the same face of the young girl Bex. It was true that the feline Rem before him was a different girl to Bex, she was more exposed to the world and open about herself whereas Bex was shy and quiet, a little goody-goody at times but had a genuine innocence.

Having never turned down any female attention, Gene couldn't help but feel guilty as he pulled his head back away from Rem slowly. Yes women had often kissed him before and normally he would have returned it, but he had never had the problem of two separate girls been trapped in the same body before.

It was true that he could kiss Rem right now but was it really her he wanted to? Or was he really starting to soften to the young girl.

Rem's lower lip quivered as the closeness between them and Genes closed but she was suddenly left very cold as he moved his head away from her. Before she could question him a voice was heard calling from somewhere within the forest.

Gene gave her a soft glance and smiled before getting to his feet and climbing down off the Leonar. Rem remained where she was.

Kay walked away from the young boy, Avery. She had also heard the sound and needed to know what it was. Avery grabbed for a dagger he kept tucked in his belt and stood behind Kay.

"Watch out kid." Kay warned. "You may have done well in smacking that human vermin but that doesn't mean I like you so don't expect any help if it attacks you first."

Avery gasped in shock.

The bushes close by to Kay began to shake rapidly and within seconds a young man spilled out over the forest floor almost unconscious.

Kay dashed over and kicked him over onto his back, flinching slightly as she recognised the 'man" lying before her.

It was none other than the Abaddon, which belonged to the young girl. But he looked…more human than before. His wings were gone as was the solid bone mask that covered his face. She flushed slightly as she studied his face then turned and walked away.

"Avery, Gene…Tie this guy up. We'll question him when he wakes up."

Gene look puzzled. "I thought the idea was you killed anyone and everything that was human."

"I do." Kay said with a smile, but her face dropped to a malicious scowl. "But he is an angel of the underworld."

"You know he looks a lot like a guy from my host girls world…some rock star from Japan…I can't remember his name though." Rem said to Avery and Gene who sat across from her, at the other side of the sleeping devil.

Gene tilted his head. "Rock star?"

Rem pouted. "Some sorta music, it's very heavy though."

Gene's eyes opened in realisation. "You mean like that guy Gackt from Castalia City."

"Who's he?" Rem asked. "I wonder if he's anything like the Japanese guy…Shame I can't remember his name though."

Avery and Gene nodded and looked once again at the sleeping man before them.

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