just something I wrote about what I associate with the colors. I add on to it from time to time.

What the Colors Mean

Red: anger, blood, lust, loathing,

Yellow: sun, bright, cheerful,

Pink: cute, pretty, nice, hopeful, childlike, laughing, sickening,

Blue: sky, water, openness, feeling, endless,

Grey: sadness, rain, semidarkness, unsure,

Teal: wonder, bemusement,

Aqua: water, sea, fish, cool of the evening,

Green: grass, plants,

Black: space, night, emptiness,

White: imagination, your mind, clean,

Clear: pure, strong, unbreakable,

Orange: planets, sunsets, songs,

Purple: fun, cool, a nighting gail's cry, peaceful, (content?), royal,

Gold: rich, unfulfilling, undone,

Peach: refreshing, sweet,

Lime: sour, vine, unusual,

Fuchsia: absurd, silly, dumb, unheard of, unspeakable, fake,

Ivory: soft, gentle, babies laugh,

copyright © June 20, 2001 K. J. Gator