Scenes from a Park

Life is like a drawing on a sidewalk

etched in chalk

It takes only a little rain to wash it away

But I cannot help but beat my eraser

against the pavement

Too many mistakes were made

I want the world to pass me by

Because I hate everything the world has given to me

Except that loathing keeps me going

Siren songstresses sing the music of rusty park benches

and shake the black birds out of trees

I sit and watch the stars

if only they could be found

Blinded by the lights around

I wish upon any star I can imagine

But my vision is blurred

with smudges of lip gloss on my glasses

because I wish of only you

Stabbing me with your resistance

to my sidewalk doodles

It does not matter anyway

You would not see my heart there

It is covered with an old McDonald's cup

Oh the scenes from a park