A Witch's Awakening

Rockabye anthems flowing through my head

Watching, waiting, wishing I were dead

Sleep sweet child how wan looks the day

Time to wake your mischief spirits and play

Songs of black boots across the wooden floor

Pacing, Pacing back and forth, Back and forth

I can hear the voices calling

Falling, Stalling

Raise my children the time is here

Cannot you listen to what you fear?

The ghouls have woken

The demons have spoken

Spells have been cast from that witches brew

Cackling, hackling for souls anew

Can you hear the wolves crying?

Your hope is dying

A morbid dawn be upon this day

Stolen your identity

Into the blackened face of the night

Did you ever realize there was a ghost in the trinity?

So allow your Halloween spirits to soar tonight

Forget about all your penance you have to pay

The only thing to worry about is this witch's dream.