Wanting It Back

This hole in my heart just increased
I hate this feeling, completely
They told me it would happen
That 'once I leave, it for good'
To think, I would be the exception

Every time I hear of news
It of something I feel bothered by
The world is moving on
And I am still in the dark about it

My friends are departing
Though, many promised forever
I doubt to see them next year
I never see them now, already

College starts too soon for me
I guess that is the main dilemma
That I am the one really moving on
If this is for the betterment of life
Why do I cry at night for the past?

I want to be a part of it all
To be able to feel as though I am there
Not to hear the tidbits after the fact
Or to not know them at all

Some tell me to let go, to 'Be Done'
'There are more important things'
My friends ARE more important
I just don't know where they are anymore
Just another increase to it all

I dunno anymore. I graduated from high school this past year, and had made many friends with the classes younger. And.. I guess it is a hard thing to do, knowing that we are now split up and unable to really see each other anymore. I just wish that some of the people that have made such a difference in my life, know that they have. I really miss everyone that I once talked to. (Including some of our 'fights' over stupid thingsā€¦ and the car dances and raypes, plus the food.. ::looks up::) But I guess in all honesty.. I just miss the times we have had, and I really hope that no matter what... EVENTUALLY we can recap and do some things over again. But.. sorry for whining if that is what you see this as. It just something I felt I wanted (and had) to get off my chest. Those who this is about, hopefully KNOW. And those who this doesn't necessarily represent, at least understand where I am coming from. Enough of this note. Bye-bye. Ti-Eka Koniku