I drum my fingers on the tip of the wheel, the wisp of a song stuck in my head. I pull the car over in front of your house and honk three times. As I wait for you to come out, I close my eyes, feeling the sun melt over my body. A cool breeze, refreshment from the hot summer day, finds its way from one window to the next, in and out.

I hear your front door shut, and slowly open my eyes, emerging from a sunny dream, and watch as you run across your front yard and hop into the car.

"Oh my god! This is so cool, let's go!"

I smile at your eagerness, and guide the car back onto the road, and we head downtown. For some reason there is silence between us. You reach over and turn on the car radio, fiddling with the dials.

A familiar tune by Evanescence blares out of the radio.

"Turn it all the way up!"

I reach over and turn up the volume. We look at each other, grin, and start singing at the top of our lungs. Neither of us can sing very well, and we get strange looks as we shriek:

"Save me from the nothing I've become!"

Laughing, I pull over, and we get out and sit on the hood, scouting the guys, enjoying the summer weather. You lean over and whisper to me:

"Check out the brunette over there…ooh, he's a nice piece of eye candy. Looks European."

We giggle, and promptly turn around, pretending to be examining the car, as he stares in our direction. He saunters over, sliding his hand through his dark hair.

"Can I help you ladies?"

I try not to laugh as you reply saucily:

"Not unless you know how to fix a broken heart, honey…"

He glances at me, puzzled. Taking our chance, we burst into laughter and jump back into the car, howling as I pull the car away from the curb. You glance back:

"He's still standing there!"

We burst into laughter again, and I turn the car around, to take you home. We sing the rest of the way back, blowing kisses at random guys on the street. Suddenly, you're silent, and I can see your mind working, I can see you thinking, reflecting. And that's when it hits me that I'm the luckiest person in the world, because I have you for a best friend.