It was on the Second day of December that Gloria Brodin and her best friend,Bonnie Sloane had started driving towards the small town of Grizzly Rock,Colorado to visit Gloria's sister and her family for the Holidays,only to discover the town looking more like a ghost town than a place that was suppossed to be filled with activity.

Just then,after she had parked the car in front of her sister's house,got out of the car and started looking around for any signs of human life within the small town,Bonnie had peeked her head out of the car and asked,"What happened,Gloria?Where is everybody?"

But then,just as she was about to answer that question,Gloria had suddenly spotted someone wearing a hooded robe running away from the house and towards Grizzly Rock's very own town hall,causing a curious Gloria to start running after the hooded stranger and saying,"Wait!Don't run!All I want are some answers,that's all!"

Then suddenly,after Bonnie had gotten out of Gloria's car and the two friends had stopped in front of the town hall,Bonnie had looked at Gloria and asked,"So,are we going in or what?"

And then,after she had taken a deep breath,Gloria had looked at Bonnie and answered,"Well,Bonnie.If we were to get to the bottom of this whole thing,we might as well go right on in."

And with that,the two curious friends had walked into the town hall and started looking for the hooded stranger,only to have the door suddenly slam shut behind them and trapping them inside the building,causing Bonnie to look at Gloria and ask,"So,what do we do now?"

"Well,since we're stuck in here for a while,we might as well keep looking for our mysterious friend.",answered Gloria,while she was moving towards the next room."I'll start looking in here.Why don't you start looking in the room in front of you?"

Just then,after her very good friend has left her alone,Bonnie has decided to do what Gloria has suggested and start looking in the other room in front of her,only to have her step on a trap door and drop down to the basement floor,where she was suddenly seized by another group of hooded strangers within the same room.

And then,after they've ripped her clothes off of her nude body and dragged her into a chamber with a large bed in it,the hooded strangers had ploped her down on the bed and chained her to it.

And after all of the hooded strangers had removed their robes and exposed their nude bodies to her,a shocked Bonnie asked,"What the freaking Hell is going on here?!"

"Why,it's all quite simple,Bonnie.",answered a nude Gloria,after she had entered the room with a large,sharp blade in her hands."Once a year,we make mad,passionate love to each other after we've covered ourselves all over with the blood of a living virgin--and I'm sorry to say that you're exactly the virgin we need to sacrifice for our little orgy of blood.All I could say now is that it's been great knowing you."

And then,after the others were moving themselves back and forth and Gloria has raised the sharp end of the blade over Bonnie's heart,a frightened Bonnie said,"Please,Gloria!Don't do it!I'm really begging you!Don't do it!"

But then,after Gloria had thrusted the sharp blade towards her former friend,the only thing that had came out of Bonnie's mouth was only a scream of bloody murder.

As for all of the people who Gloria and Bonnie had worked with before they've gone to the small town of Grizzly Rock,there was a great amount of concern for the two friends,for Gloria had decided to suddenly quit her job there and Bonnie had just vanished into thin air.