"Raus! Raus! Now up up!" The window beside the door was smashed open and a arm reached through gropeing for the doorknob in the darkness.

"Ellikem! Jahnke! Where are you!?" Lani came running from her bedroom when she heard the officers break the window. Franticlly running in the darkness towards her siblings rooms. As soon as she reached her older brother Jahnkes room the door opend a arm reached out and grabbed her. Lani would have screemed but the other hand was covering her mouth.

"Shh Lani quit we must hide now. You can't yell, hardly breath, just hide with Ellikem in the basement." It was her brother Jahnkes hand on her mouth. He had always been the cool headed one. Lani looked over and Ellikem was already in the room, apparetnly she had run there first. Jahnke was like there father. He was the oldest and after there parents had gone missing he had done everything in his power to protect his two younger sisters. He would walk Ellikem to school every morning and walk her home every evening, he had said he just wanted to make sure she would be safe.

He slowly uncovered Lanis mouth. Her eyes still wide in shock she wispered to him "What about you? You have to hide too" She grabbed his arm in urgency.

"Of course I'm going to hide. I need to get something first. You two go ahead I'll be there in a second. Only open the door if you hear my knock. Even if you hear me yell don't open it until I knock." Ellikem was nearly in tears in the corner standing in her nightgown holding onto one of her long braids. "Promise Jahnke" she sobbed out.

"I promise Ellik" he said using there fathers old pet name for her. "Now go with Lani, hide!" With that he hugged Lani and after peeking out the door bulted down the hallway towards the kitchen. Lani had awakened from her shock and taking Ellikems hand led her towards the door. She too peaked out to make sure the coast was clear. The officers had apparently either given up on the front door to try another or had gone for more men or tools.They reached the door to the cellar and quickly ran down the stairs. Lani turned back and bolted the locks on the door then joined Ellikem on the old sofa in the corner.

There parents had gone missing 4 months earlyer. They had recieved a summons to court from a man not of Germans normal army but of the new Nazi military. They left the next morning but never returned. Two days after they didn't come home Jahnke knocked on Lanis door late at night. She let him in and he said he needed to tell her something important. After paceing around the room for a bit he had finally taken a seat by Lanis bed. He told her that he had heard form a friend that the SS had been going around cities "collecting" people who'm they thought to be threats to the government. There father Jacobus had been a proffesor at the local university. There mother had been raised a Rroma, and in general was not liked by any government let alone the newest one. After she had left her village to live with Jacobus her relatives had dissowned her and refused to even speak her name, so she began using the name she had originoly told Jacobus. Marja. She had been afraid he would avoid her if he new she was a Rroma. No one would hire her within the city because they new of her heritage. So she stayed at home and made clothing, jewlery, and other odd things to be sold in small stores owned by sympathetic friends. Despite what most people thought the jews were not the only ones being sent to the concentration camps. They sent anyone who was seen as a threa. There father a intellectual who was openly against the war, and there mother a Rroma by birth. What Jahnke told Lani was that he believed they had indeed had been taken to a concentration camp. He didn't want Ellikem to find out though because she was still 18 and in her last year of school at the time. He didn't want anything to keep her from graduating while she could. Before anything happend to Germany that would keep that from happening. Jahnke was always looking out for them, Lani thought that someday he would make a wonderfull father, but he had never been that intrested in dateing. He had said when he began attending the university that

"I don't want anything to distract me from my studies. Education is more important for my future than chasing around some young fraulein and getting into any troubles."

He had always been level headed and practicle but at times Lani wished he could relax and have some fun.

Lani turned and looked at her scared sister. She was just sitting there with a shocked expression on her face. Almost on the verg of tears biting her lip to keep them back. Lani put her arm around her saying "Jahnke is smart, he won't let anything happen to him or us. He'll be back shortly. Wait! I hear something." Just then they heard footsteps comeing to the door. They held there breath and Ellikem grabbed Lanis arm tightly. Then they heard a familiar tapping. Lani jumped up and opened the door for Jahnke. He stepped in then bolted the door back up and grabbing Lanis hand lead her back down to the couch. Under his arm he had a bundle. He put it down on the floor and opened it up. It was a bed sheet he had taken from his room. On it was a laof of bread, a few slabbs of salted pork, a canteen and Elliks journal which he picked up dusted some crumbs of it and handed it to her. "Here Ellik"

"My journal! How did you find it?" She seemed shocked when she took it in her hand and staired at it as if she was afraid at any moment it may run off.

"Once when I was doing some repairs to the floor boards in your room I found it attached to the underside of your bed. I never read it but I rememberd where it was." Then turning to Lani "I didn't know if you kept one or not. I would have fetched it for you otherwise." Then he sat down on the coach and pulled out another small package wile Ellik wasn't looking. It was wrapped in one of ther fathers hankerchiefs. He handed it to Lani, she peeked under its folds to see a sharp blade. It was one of Jahnkes old knives that he used to collect when he was in middle school. After seeing this Lani quickly shoved it under her belt and nodded her head to Jahnke to signle she understood.