Chpt 2

It must have been around 7 the next morning when Lani woke up. They had fallen asleep while awaiting the worst. Jahnke was gone and Elli was still asleep on the old couch her arms wrapped around her journal and her head resting on a old pillow there mother had made when Lani was born. Her breathing was so peaceful, coming out in thin sighs. Lani stretched and carefully got up from the couch trying not to awake Elli. Maybe the SS had given up and left she thought as she stepped over the bag of food Jahnke had gathered the night before. Better yet maybe it was just a nightmare she chuckled to herself wishing it could be so. She headed up the stairs she could smell bacon cooking already. Jahnke was up and cooking! Everything had turned out perfectly fine as if nothing had happened. She ran up the stairs and swung open the door to smell the wonderful food sizzling away in the kitchen. Once the door was open her appetite left her and she was washed over by a feeling of nausea. There in the living room was Jahnke and several SS officers. Jahnke was holding a damp cloth over is left arm, she could see it was red and swollen. She stopped in the doorway stunned at what she saw before her. She would of run down the stairs if Jahnke hadn't been there. Instead she ran to him but was stopped by the butt of a rifle shoved between her and her brother. Jahnke had a strange expression on his face, somewhere between anger and sadness, like he was ashamed to be seen there surrounded by the guards. A guard stepped over and grabbed Lani by the shoulder and shoved her down into a seat. She just looked at Jahnke with a pleading eyes wanting him to tell her how to get out of this, wanting him to have some plan worked out for them and Elli to escape. This time he had nothing. Then Lani remembered Elli! She was still asleep in the basement. The guards didn't say anything they just stood there starring around the house. After maybe 10 minutes one man, probably in his early thirty's, looked at his watch impatiently then walked over to another man and whispered in his ear. The other man seemed to agree and nodded to him. The thirty something man headed towards the basement door. Lanis heart jumped she looked again urgently at Jahnke, but he was still dazed just looking at the floor. A few minutes later the man returned from the basement. He was carrying the bundle Jahnke had made up last night. But what about Elli? Hadn't he found her, theres no way he could have missed her sleeping there. Lani's thoughts were stopped short when there was a knock at the door. The guard who had shoved the but of his rifle in Lani's face opened the door revealing a sturdy 40 or so man in a long black jacket. It was apparent he was the one in charge when all the other soldiers saluted him and stood at attention awaiting his orders. With his hands behind his back he slowly paced towards the man with the bundle. "Is this all you found?" he asked pointing to sheet with a rolled up bundle of papers. "Yes sir, only thing in the basement beside the two in front of you." The leader turned slowly to look at Jahnke and Lani. A smile played across his face and soon disapeared. "Wheres the third one?" He turned his attention back to the soldiers. The older one stepped up "There was only the two when we came General." The General didn't seem at all satisfied with this but of information. "I don't care how many were here when you showed up, I care where they all are at the moment. Now theres a third one around here somewhere!" Turning his attention back to his two other captives the smile crept once more onto his face. "So where is she?" He looked from Jahnke to Lani awaiting an answer. Jahnke spoke without looking up, "She's dead." Lani couldn't believe what he just said. How could she be dead? How could Jahnke even know if she was, he'd been up here the entire time. The General seemed to not believe him either. "If she was dead you would have reported it, no? According to my papers no such thing has been reported." He shoved his papers under Jahnkes gaze to make his point. "We hadn't reported it yet, we only found out two days ago." Lani finally began to catch on to Jahnkes fib, she just hoped he didn't get himself into trouble trying to cover for Elli. "Let's say your telling the truth. Now how would a perfectly healthy girl, I know she's healthy because of my papers, suddenly up and die?" Jahnke didn't seem phased at all by all the questions, it was like he had rehearsed his lines hundreds of times before. "She was killed in the pogroms in the city." "The pogroms? Why would she be killed in pogroms? Please correct me if I'm wrong, but you are not jews." Damn that man and his paperwork. He knew everything about there family. Lani wondered if he knew about the cavity she had. "No we're not jews. She was visiting friends who are though. I don't think the ones who killed her bothered to ask if she was jewish first." The General gave him a menacing look, then paced over to the man still by the front door. "Well since your so found of the jews I'll let you live with them." With that he walked out the door to an awaiting car and was driven off.