It just costs $9.99…

Red advocates chasing providence

Aww, the Red advocates are chasing providence

I go up to one and ask

But He says – No!

Formal imposition is the civilized way to go

The naïve lamentations of the nonsensical

Are of the sinners at the other of the rope

I'll see you on Judgment Day –

So I take in His spiffy suit and His nifty tie

And the celestial boom of the populace's cry

The unequal circumstances must just be my pessimistic mind

Because the Red aspect of tolerance I think has died

I couldn't be more wrong

Continuing… to marvel the musts and neglect the whys

Is to see through the godly red eyes

A court ruling and full house is enough to decide

Without considering a stubborn arrogant demise

But extremists lust for more

So Red advocates chasing providence

Americans (all, well mostly all) chasing providence

Electorate Fascists choking on providence

And the jobless, they're chasing providence

Filthy corporations already bought it

A cold-cut, exclusive religious embodiment

That's hell-bent on absolute providence.