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"Come on!" my friend Donovan (otherwise known as Don) yelled to me, "We're gonna be late!"

"I'm moving my arms as fast as I can!" I shouted. I looked at my watch. It read 8:14. "Great" I thought, "Now I get my tenth tardy slip in three weeks". Luck was on our side that morning though. We slipped into home room just as the bell rang.

"Attention please, students attention!" yelled our teacher Ms. Ohc. "I am assigning a report," she said. There's groan from the class. "Now get your assignment books out class. You must write 2,000 words, 14 font on a different kind of hero. It can be your hero or how you've been another's hero. Just make sure it's pages. It's due on the 22nd." All day I was thinking of how in the world I'm going to write 2,000 words about my hero in four days! When I get home I still had no clue what to write about. Then it hits me. I ran to the computer and start typing.

About one or two years ago I was going to a nearby Walgreens to pick up my prescription. I remember the time, I remember the temperature I saw on the bank sign, I remember every detail about that night. It was a cold night and the roads were icy. I was just crossing the road to go back home when I heard screeching. An ugly, ear-piercing screeching. It was too loud and horrible to ignore. I turned my head and the last thing I remember seeing was a bright light in my face.

I stopped there thinking, trying to remember what came next. I remember waking up in the hospital and feeling all weird. I sat up and saw my leg missing. I fainted and woke up later, but since I couldn't remember the details of those events, so I skipped to the self-pity.

I sat at home for about a week after that. Just alone, wading in a pool of self-pity. I could just sit for hours at a time staring at a wall. Most of the time I was thinking about track. I was a member of the track team. I had first place ribbons covering the east wall of my room. I set the school record for fastest 200 meter sprint. But then, I never knew one day I'd end up with one leg. I'd never run again. I heard a knock on the door. I was too miserable to say anything. The door opened and there I saw Don.

I stopped there again remembering the long hours he spent with Don during that time. I remembered how much Don helped me in my time of need. If it weren't for Don I probably wouldn't be here now. I continued.

"I heard the news," he said. "How bad is it?" I show him my leg. He just stood there for a minute just staring at the stump that used to be my leg.

"This is it for the track team," I said. I could feel a wall of tears building up behind my eyes fighting to flow out as a waterfall of misery and longing and pain, but I wouldn't let them come out.

"Michael K. Smith. You will sit up, put on your leg, get your crutch and follow me." He sounded a lot firmer than usual. I knew not to mess with that voice. I did as he said and as I left I wondered where we were going. Little did I know that those hours were going to change my life.

I stopped there. Again I remembered the long hours spent with Don

"Those hours did change my life," I said aloud. Now I got to type about them.

We went outside to my backyard. I have a rather large backyard. When I'm out there I just feel so free and alive. Not now.

"Now," Don said, "Start here." I limped over to where he was pointing and stood. "No, start," he said. Now I understood what he meant.

"I can't," I said pathetically.

"Yes you can and you will," Don said. He sounded like a military commander drilling the troops. So I got in my starting position for track. I was prepared for excruciating pain but surprisingly I felt little pain.

"Now," Don said, when I say go you will stand up, ready to run, but you will only fall forward and take slow steps. Am I clear?" I nodded. "Go."

I sprang up, but as soon as I did I froze and fell flat on my face.

"Are you okay?" Don asked. I nodded. "Good," he said "Now we will try again." I got into my starting position once again and once again I fell. I did that over and over and over and over again until finally I took those few steps it took to stay up.

"Yes!" I yelled, relieved I hadn't fallen.

"Well done," Don said, "Very well done." We went back into my house, and Don left saying he'd be back tomorrow for another session.

I stopped. What happened next? I thought. All I could remember was that day after day Don would come over and drill me until I achieved the goal for that day. Then I knew. I started again.

A few weeks later, after many practices, Don came again. When I opened the door and saw Don I exclaimed, "Look! No crutch!"

"Looks like not babying your leg made it stronger. Now you don't need your crutch."

"I love it! I feel free!" I walked over to the bench to put my shoes on (with some difficulty) then headed for the backyard.

"We're going somewhere else today," Don said.

"Where?" I asked perplexed.

"You'll see," He went back outside. I followed. Once outside Don walked down my street, took a left on Gorf Street then a right on Gnahc Lane. He followed that until we reached Engival Avenue. Then I knew where we were going.

"Don, I can't…" I started.

"You can do it well enough," he replied.

"But…" I tried again.

"Look," Don stopped and turned around "The only reason you even made it this far is because I made you try. I know you can do this. Remember when I had you run to the fence and back?" I nodded. "I wouldn't tell you your time, because if I did you wouldn't believe me."

My eyes bugged out. "Yes it was that fast. You've worked hard. I know you can do this. Believe you can and you will." I realized then that I could do it. I could run this race. I could run fast. I could win. I already had accomplished so much I then knew I could do anything. I took a deep breath and followed Don to the stadium.

I stopped. Then I turned my head to look at my east wall. I looked at one ribbon in particular, that one very special ribbon. I cherish that ribbon above all my others. I then continued.

I looked around. That stadium seemed so immense. It wasn't much bigger than our practice track, but since I hadn't seen the stadium for a while, it seemed so big. As I was looking around I heard laughter. I thought it was some joke that someone was laughing at but it wasn't, but as the laughter grew I knew what they were laughing at. Me. They were laughing at me. Don realized what I was listening to.

"Ignore them," he said, "Just ignore them." I knew that I could. I knew I could run. I knew that they wouldn't be laughing for much longer.

"Racers, get in position," a man announced over the intercom. I walked over to the track. When I got in position I could feel my pulse rising every second. One voice in my head was saying, "You can do it Michael, you can do it!" While the other was saying, "No you can't! You'll fall flat on your face." I decided to tune out one voice.

"Take your mark," the starter said. I heard the starting gun and I flew from the ground. I flew. I ran like I'd never run before. I could feel the wind rushing past me, the world was a blur. I darted past the turns and I sprinted down the track, and soon after that I rushed past the finish line then it stopped. I just stopped. It was like the moment froze, and slowly I turned my head to look at the scoreboard. For the 200 meter sprint my time was…

I stopped I remember that so well. When I turned my head the scoreboard was blank. Then my time flashed up. I continued.

My time was 19.18 seconds. Don ran over to me

"Did you see your time?!" he shouted. I was speechless. I just stood there, staring at the scoreboard. "You just broke the world record! Did you know that? You broke the world record with one leg!"

"Do you know where I'd be right now if I weren't for you? Right now instead of breaking a world record I'd be sitting in a chair hating myself. I would have never believed I could even walk again none the less run again. You've saved me. Without your help I'd be nowhere." I really meant it. Don had helped me so much there was really no way to explain it. That is one first place ribbon is the most special of all. Don is my hero.

"Well I think that's acceptable," I said to myself. I logged off the computer and went downstairs to dinner.

The End

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